§ 426.010 Voluntary assignment — execution of.
§ 426.020 Assignee to file inventory, when and where
§ 426.030 Inventory to be sworn to
§ 426.040 Appraisers, appointment of
§ 426.050 Oath, filing and compensation of appraisers
§ 426.060 Additional property, duty of assignee
§ 426.070 Assignor’s list of property — filing of bond of assignee — additional bond.
§ 426.080 Bond, condition of
§ 426.090 Bond, where filed and recorded — approval.
§ 426.100 Bonds taken in absence of judge, approval or rejection
§ 426.110 If rejected, court to order new bond — failure to give revokes authority.
§ 426.120 Rejected bond valid until new one given — new bond relates back.
§ 426.130 Suit on bond, by whom and when brought — damages.
§ 426.140 Assignee to exhibit accounts, when and how — failure — citation — dismissal.
§ 426.150 Notice of allowance of assignee’s accounts by court, how given
§ 426.160 Expense of advertising
§ 426.170 Demands against estates, how and when allowed
§ 426.180 Notice, how given — creditor failing to present at proper time, precluded — …
§ 426.190 Assignee may administer oaths and examine witnesses
§ 426.200 Evidence to establish demand
§ 426.210 Decisions of assignee final, unless appeal asked for — appeal to circuit court.
§ 426.220 Appeals, how taken — affidavit and bond for.
§ 426.230 Proceedings in circuit court upon appeal
§ 426.240 Judgment certified to assignee and claim allowed, when
§ 426.250 Demand of assignee against assignor, how allowed
§ 426.260 Assignee failing to file true inventory and give bond, court to issue citation
§ 426.270 On return of citation, court may order inventory and bond filed or dismiss ..
§ 426.280 Insolvency or removal from state of surety, proceedings
§ 426.290 Assignee, vacancy — appointment.
§ 426.300 Dismissal of assignee — books to be delivered to successor.
§ 426.310 Sale of property assigned, how made
§ 426.320 Payments to creditors, when and in what amounts — penalty for failure.
§ 426.330 Assignee shall exhibit condition of assets, when
§ 426.340 Failure to exhibit condition of assets — citation of assignee.
§ 426.350 Assignee may apply for discharge, when and how
§ 426.360 Application referred to commissioner, when — proceedings.
§ 426.370 If objections made, court to determine same, when and how
§ 426.380 Appeals, how taken
§ 426.390 Proceedings when temporary assignee fails to act, how conducted
§ 426.400 Court may order assignee to compromise debts, when and how
§ 426.410 Defining the power and authority of assignees

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