1-1-207. Miscellaneous terms. Unless the context requires otherwise, the following definitions apply in the Montana Code Annotated:

Terms Used In Montana Code 1-1-207

  • Person: includes a corporation or other entity as well as a natural person. See Montana Code 1-1-201

(1) ”Bribe” means anything of value or advantage, present or prospective, or any promise or undertaking to give anything of value or advantage, that is asked, given, or accepted with a corrupt intent to unlawfully influence the person to whom it is given in the person’s action, vote, or opinion in any public or official capacity.

(2) ”Peace officer” has the meaning as defined in 46-1-202.

(3) ”Vessel”, when used in reference to shipping, includes ships of all kinds, steamboats and steamships, canal boats, and every structure adapted to be navigated from place to place.