§ 17-101 City of the second class, defined; population; exception
§ 17-102 Wards; number; how determined
§ 17-103 City council; members; number; qualifications
§ 17-104 City council members; election; term; qualifications
§ 17-105 City council; meetings; quorum
§ 17-106 City council; special meetings
§ 17-107 Mayor; qualifications; election; officers; appointment; removal; terms of office; police officers; appointment; removal, demotion, or suspension; procedure
§ 17-108 Officers and employees; salaries
§ 17-108.02 Officers and employees; merger of offices or employment; salaries
§ 17-110 Mayor; general duties and powers
§ 17-111 Mayor; ordinances; veto power; passage over veto
§ 17-112 Mayor; recommendations to city council
§ 17-113 Mayor; reports of officers; power to require
§ 17-114 Mayor; territorial jurisdiction
§ 17-117 Mayor; remission of fines; pardons; powers
§ 17-118 Police; arrest; power
§ 17-119 City overseer of streets; duties
§ 17-120 Public morals; powers; restrictions
§ 17-121 Health and sanitation; rules and regulations; board of health; members; powers
§ 17-122 Hospital; establishment and control
§ 17-123 Public health; regulations; water; power to supply
§ 17-124 Police; power to establish
§ 17-126 Public market; establishment; regulation
§ 17-127 Public buildings; power to erect
§ 17-129 Disorderly conduct; power to prevent
§ 17-130 Fire escapes; exits; regulation
§ 17-131 Safety regulations
§ 17-132 Places of amusement; safety regulations; revocation of license
§ 17-134 Peddlers; pawnbrokers; entertainers; licensing and regulation
§ 17-136 Fire hazards; dangerous buildings; elimination
§ 17-137 Explosives; storage; fireworks; regulation
§ 17-138 Animals; cruelty, prevention of
§ 17-139 Traffic; sales; regulation
§ 17-140 Signs and handbills; regulation
§ 17-141 Sidewalks and substructures; regulation
§ 17-142 Streets; moving of buildings; other obstructions; regulation
§ 17-143 Railroads; location, grade, and crossing; regulation
§ 17-145 Sewers and drains; regulation
§ 17-146 Refunding bonds; power to issue
§ 17-147 Fire department; organization and equipment
§ 17-148 City council; president; acting president; powers
§ 17-150 Sewerage system; establishment; estimates; duties of engineer; contracts; advertisement for bids
§ 17-151 Sewerage system; establishment; borrowing money; conditions precedent
§ 17-153 Sewerage system; bonds; sinking funds; investment
§ 17-154 Sewers; right-of-way; condemnation; procedure
§ 17-155 Board of equalization; counties under township organization; members; meetings
§ 17-156 Joint city and school district facility; acquisition of land; erection, equipment, furnishings, and maintenance
§ 17-157 Joint city and school district facility; expense; bonds; election; approval by electors
§ 17-158 Joint city and school district facility; indebtedness; bonds; principal and interest; in addition to other limitations
§ 17-159 Joint city and school district facility; city council and board of education; building commission; powers; duties
§ 17-160 Joint city and school district facility; building commission; plans and specifications; personnel; compensation; contracts
§ 17-161 Joint city and school district facility; annual budget of city and school district
§ 17-162 Joint city and school district facility; building commission; accept gifts
§ 17-163 Offstreet parking; declaration of purpose
§ 17-164 Offstreet parking; facilities; acquisition; procedure
§ 17-165 Offstreet parking; revenue bonds; issuance; terms
§ 17-166 Offstreet parking; plans and specifications; coordination with traffic control program
§ 17-167 Offstreet parking; city council; rules and regulations; contracts; rates
§ 17-168 Offstreet parking; acquisition of facilities; submission at election; notice
§ 17-169 Offstreet parking; facilities; lease; controls retained; business restricted
§ 17-170 Offstreet parking; private parking lot; not subject to eminent domain
§ 17-171 Offstreet parking; rights of bondholders
§ 17-172 Offstreet parking; revenue; use
§ 17-173 Offstreet parking; supplementary powers
§ 17-174 City of second class; public passenger transportation system; acquire; accept funds; administration; powers
§ 17-201 Village, defined; incorporation; restriction on territory; condition
§ 17-201.01 Villages; incorporation; presumption of regularity of proceedings
§ 17-202 Board of trustees; election; terms
§ 17-203 Board of trustees; qualifications
§ 17-204 Board of trustees; oath; meetings
§ 17-205 Board of trustees; quorum; compulsory attendance
§ 17-206 Board of trustees; journal; roll calls; public proceedings
§ 17-207 Board of trustees; powers; restrictions
§ 17-207.01 Offstreet motor vehicle parking; acquisition; procedure
§ 17-207.02 Offstreet motor vehicle parking; acquisition; board of trustees; powers
§ 17-208 Appointive officers; term of office; police officer; removal, demotion, or suspension; procedure; board of health; members; duties
§ 17-209 Appointed officers and employees; compensation; fixed by ordinance
§ 17-209.02 Officers and employees; merger of offices; salaries
§ 17-210 Board of trustees; ordinances; publication; chairperson pro tempore
§ 17-211 Elections; notice
§ 17-212 Elections; officers of election; vacancies; how filled
§ 17-213 Village chief of police; powers and duties
§ 17-213.01 Village engineer; powers and duties
§ 17-214 Village overseer of streets; power and duties
§ 17-215 Village; dissolution; how effected
§ 17-215.01 Village; dissolution; county, defined
§ 17-216 Village; dissolution; petition or resolution; election
§ 17-217 Village; dissolution; election; form of ballot
§ 17-218 Village; dissolution; when effective
§ 17-219 Village; dissolution; village property, records, and funds; disposition
§ 17-219.01 Village; dissolution; property; sale by county board; when authorized
§ 17-219.02 Village; dissolution; property; sale; notice
§ 17-219.03 Village; dissolution; board of trustees; county board; duties
§ 17-220 Village situated in more than one county; how organized
§ 17-222 Village situated in more than one county; jails
§ 17-223 Village situated in more than one county; tax; how certified
§ 17-224 Village situated in more than one county; legal notices; publication
§ 17-225 Railroads; blocking crossings; penalty
§ 17-229 Street improvement program; authorization; tax levy
§ 17-230 Street improvement program; tax levy limitation
§ 17-231 Street improvement program; construction of improvements; issuance of warrants; interest; unused funds transferred to general fund
§ 17-301 City of the first class; reorganization as city of the second class; procedure; mayor, city council, and Secretary of State; duties
§ 17-302 Government pending reorganization
§ 17-303 Wards; establish
§ 17-304 Reorganization; council; members; qualifications
§ 17-305 Reorganization; existing ordinances; effect; modification
§ 17-306 City of the second class; reorganizationas village; petition; election
§ 17-306.01 Village reorganized from city of second class; discontinuation; reorganize as city of the second class; petition; election
§ 17-308 Reorganization; transfer of property; how effected
§ 17-309 Reorganization; existing ordinances; effect; debts; taxes
§ 17-310 Decrease in population; remain city of the second class
§ 17-311 Village; increase in population; reorganization as city of the second class
§ 17-312 Village; retention of village government; petition; election
§ 17-313 Village; organize as city of second class; petition; election
§ 17-401 Consolidation; authority
§ 17-402 Consolidation; procedure
§ 17-403 Consolidation; when effective; existing rights and liabilities preserved
§ 17-404 Consolidation; property
§ 17-405.01 Annexation; powers; restrictions
§ 17-405.02 Contiguous land, defined
§ 17-405.03 Laws, codes, rules, or regulations; effect of annexation
§ 17-405.04 Inhabitants of annexed land; benefits; ordinances
§ 17-405.05 City or village in two or more counties; annexation by city or village; procedure
§ 17-407 Annexation by city or village within county between 100,000 and 250,000 inhabitants; mayor and city council or chairperson and village board of trustees; powers; notice; contents; liability; limitation on action
§ 17-414 Land within corporate limits; disconnection; procedure
§ 17-501 Cities of the second class and villages; powers; board of public trust; members; duties
§ 17-502 Seal; other powers
§ 17-503 Real property; sale; exception; procedure; remonstrance petition; procedure; hearing
§ 17-503.01 Real property less than five thousand dollars; sale; procedure
§ 17-503.02 Personal property; sale; procedure; other conveyance
§ 17-504 Corporate name; process; service
§ 17-505 Ordinances, rules, and regulations; enactment; enforcement
§ 17-505.01 Notice; publication
§ 17-506 Property tax; amount of levy authorized
§ 17-507 Other taxes; power to levy
§ 17-508 Streets; grading and repair, when; bridges and sewers; construction
§ 17-508.01 Streets; maintenance and repair; contracts with county authorized
§ 17-508.02 Streets; grading and repair; bridges and sewers; tax limits
§ 17-509 Streets and malls; power to improve; districts
§ 17-510 Streets; improvement district; creation by petition; denial; special assessments
§ 17-511 Streets; improvement by ordinance; objections; time of filing; special assessment
§ 17-512 Streets; main thoroughfares; improvement by ordinance; assessments
§ 17-513 Streets; improvement; petitions and protests; sufficiency; how determined; appeal
§ 17-514 Streets; improvement; assessments; certification to county treasurer
§ 17-515 Streets and malls; improvement; assessments; interest; when delinquent; payment in installments
§ 17-516 Streets and malls; improvement; paving bonds; warrants; interest; terms
§ 17-518 Streets; improvement; sinking fund; investment
§ 17-519 Streets; improvement; assessments against public lands; payment
§ 17-520 Streets; improvement; intersections; property; assessment; Intersection Paving Bonds; warrants; interest; partial payments; final payments
§ 17-521 Streets; improvement; railways; duty to pave
§ 17-522 Sidewalks; repair; cost; assessment; notice
§ 17-523 Sidewalks; temporary walks; construction; cost
§ 17-524 Streets and sidewalks; improvements; assessments; how made; collection
§ 17-525 Occupation tax; power to levy; exceptions
§ 17-526 Dogs and other animals; license tax; enforcement
§ 17-527 Elections; rules governing; power to prescribe
§ 17-528 Electricity; franchises and contracts; tax; sale by public service company to city
§ 17-528.02 Gas franchises; length; conditions; tax
§ 17-528.03 Electricity franchises; length; conditions; election, when required; exceptions
§ 17-529 Watercourses; aqueducts; wells; regulation
§ 17-529.01 Dikes; erection and maintenance; eminent domain; procedure
§ 17-529.02 Flood control projects; cooperation with United States; consent to requirements
§ 17-529.03 Flood control projects; removal to another site; definitions
§ 17-529.04 Flood control projects; removal to another site; when authorized
§ 17-529.05 Flood control projects; removal to another site; petition; contents; order for hearing; notice
§ 17-529.06 Flood control projects; removal to another site; hearing; entry of order
§ 17-529.07 Flood control projects; removal to another site; order; effect
§ 17-529.08 Flood control projects; bonds; interest; election; tax; levy
§ 17-530 Waterworks; franchises; terms
§ 17-531 Waterworks; acquisition or construction authorized
§ 17-532 Waterworks; private companies; compulsory connections
§ 17-533 Waterworks; construction; bids
§ 17-534 Waterworks; purchase or construction; bonds; interest; limitation; tax; approval of electors required; exception
§ 17-535 Waterworks; construction and maintenance; acquisition of land beyond extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction; procedure
§ 17-536 Waterworks; water supply; pollution; power to prevent
§ 17-537 Waterworks; rules and regulations
§ 17-538 Waterworks; use of water; rates or rental; collection
§ 17-539 Waterworks; construction; cost; special assessments
§ 17-540 Waterworks; income; how used; surplus, investment
§ 17-541 Waterworks; water commissioner; appointment; term; bond or insurance; removal; public works commissioner, when
§ 17-542 Waterworks; rates; regulation
§ 17-543 Waterworks; water commissioner; duty to account; report; salary; public works commissioner; duties
§ 17-545 Waterworks; additional tax; when authorized
§ 17-546 Waterworks; additional tax; provision cumulative
§ 17-547 Animals running at large; regulation
§ 17-548 Pounds; establishment
§ 17-549 Fire prevention; regulations
§ 17-550 Buildings; construction; regulation
§ 17-551 Railways; depots; regulation
§ 17-552 Railways; crossings; safety regulations
§ 17-554 Fuel and feed; inspection and weighing
§ 17-555 Streets and sidewalks; removal of obstructions; trees; declaration of nuisance; procedure; special assessment
§ 17-556 Public safety; firearms; explosives; riots; regulation
§ 17-557 Streets; safety regulations; removal of snow, ice, and other encroachments
§ 17-557.01 Sidewalks; removal of encroachments; cost of removal; special assessments; interest
§ 17-558 Streets; improving; vacating; abutting property; how treated
§ 17-559 Streets; offstreet parking; markets; public utilities; establishment; eminent domain; procedure
§ 17-560 Borrowing power; pledges
§ 17-561 Railway tracks; lighting, city may require; cost; assessment
§ 17-563 Lots; drainage; weeds or litter; nuisance; noncompliance by owner; notice; hearing; special assessment; violation; penalty; civil action
§ 17-564 Fines; actions to recover
§ 17-565 Fines; action to recover; limitation
§ 17-566 County jail; use by city; compensation
§ 17-567 Highways, streets, bridges; maintenance and control
§ 17-568 Employment of special engineer
§ 17-568.01 City engineer or village engineer; public works; prepare estimate of cost; board of public works; powers; contracts; procedure; city council or village board of trustees; powers and duties; public emergency
§ 17-568.02 Municipal bidding procedure; waiver; when
§ 17-569 Abandoned real estate; sale; ordinance
§ 17-570 Abandoned real estate; sale; notice
§ 17-571 Abandoned real estate; sale; sealed bids; deed
§ 17-572 Loans to students; conditions
§ 17-573 Litter; removal; notice; action by city or village
§ 17-574 Sewerage and drainage; districts; regulation
§ 17-575 Sewerage and drainage; failure of property owner to connect; notice; cost; special assessment; collection
§ 17-601.01 Caucus; when held; notice
§ 17-601.02 Caucus; notice to village clerk; contents
§ 17-601.03 Caucus; additional filings
§ 17-602 Registered voters; qualifications
§ 17-603 Officers; canvass; certificates of election; failure to qualify, effect
§ 17-604 Officers; powers, duties, and compensation; regulate by ordinance; bond or insurance; premium
§ 17-605 City clerk or village clerk; duties
§ 17-606 Treasurer; duties; failure to file account; penalty
§ 17-607 Treasurer; depositories; qualification; bond; exemption of treasurer from liability; conflict of interest
§ 17-608 Treasurer; surplus funds; investments authorized; interest
§ 17-609 Treasurer; utility funds; retirement of bonds or warrants
§ 17-610 City attorney or village attorney; duties
§ 17-611 Officer; extra compensation prohibited
§ 17-612 Elective officers, salary; increase during term of office prohibited; exception
§ 17-613 Ordinances; style; publication; proof
§ 17-614 Ordinances; how enacted; title
§ 17-615 Ordinances; passage; rules and regulations; proof
§ 17-616 Ordinances; contracts; appointments; vote; record
§ 17-701 Fiscal year; commencement
§ 17-702 Property tax; general levy authorized; sale for delinquent taxes; additional levies
§ 17-703 Special assessments; relevy or reassess tax limit; refunding; when authorized; how paid
§ 17-706 Annual appropriation bill; contents
§ 17-708 Funds; expenditure; appropriation condition precedent
§ 17-709 Contracts; appropriation condition precedent
§ 17-710 Special assessments; expenditure; limitations
§ 17-711 Warrants; how executed
§ 17-713 Road tax; amount; when authorized
§ 17-714 Claims and accounts payable; filing; requirements; disallowance; notice; costs
§ 17-715 Claims; allowance; payment
§ 17-717 Intersection paving bonds; tax authorized
§ 17-718 Voluntary fire departments; maintenance; tax; limitation
§ 17-720 Certificates of deposit; time deposits; security required
§ 17-801 Board of public works; how created; members; appointment; removal; qualifications; terms
§ 17-802 Board of public works; powers and duties; city council; approve budget
§ 17-802.01 Board of public works; insurance plan; cooperation and participation
§ 17-803 Board of public works; surplus funds; investment
§ 17-804 Water commissioner and light commissioner; compensation; removal
§ 17-805 Board of public works; organization; meetings; records
§ 17-806 Board members; oath; bond
§ 17-807 Board members; interest in contracts prohibited
§ 17-808 Bookkeeper and city clerk
§ 17-810 Rates; power to fix
§ 17-901 Utilities; service; contracts for sale; when authorized
§ 17-902 Utilities; contracts for service; transmission lines authorized
§ 17-903 Utilities; contracts for service; approval of electors; bonds; interest; taxes
§ 17-904 Transmission line outside city prohibited
§ 17-905 Utilities; acquisition; revenue bonds; issuance; when authorized
§ 17-905.01 Gas distribution system or bottled gas plant; lease by city; terms; submission to election
§ 17-906 Power plant; construction; eminent domain; procedure
§ 17-907 Power plant; transmission lines; right-of-way
§ 17-908 Power plant; construction; election; bonds; interest; redemption
§ 17-909 Power plant; operation and extension; tax authorized
§ 17-910 Joint power plant; construction; approval of electors
§ 17-911 Joint power plant; bonds; election; interest
§ 17-912 Joint power plant; operation and extension; tax
§ 17-913 Sewers; resolution to construct, purchase, or acquire; contents; estimate of cost; special assessment
§ 17-914 Sewers; resolution to construct; publication; hearing
§ 17-916 Sewers; resolution to construct; petition in opposition; effect
§ 17-917 Sewers; resolution to construct, purchase, or acquire; vote required
§ 17-918 Sewers; construction; contracts; notice; bids; acceptance
§ 17-919 Sewers; acceptance by engineer; approval; cost; assessments; notice
§ 17-920 Sewers; assessments; hearing; equalization; payable in installments; interest
§ 17-921 Sewers; special assessments; levy; collection
§ 17-922 Sewers; assessments; interest; exempt property; cost; how paid
§ 17-923 Sewers; assessments; when due; interest
§ 17-924 Sewers; assessments; sinking fund; purpose
§ 17-925 Sewers; bonds; term; rate of interest; partial payments; final payment; contractor; interest; special assessments; tax authorized
§ 17-925.01 Sewers; water utilities; maintenance and repair; tax authorized; service rate in lieu of tax; lien
§ 17-925.02 Sewers; rental charges; collection
§ 17-925.03 Sewers; rental charges; reduction in taxes
§ 17-925.04 Sewers; rental charges; cumulative to service rate for maintenance and repair
§ 17-926 Cemetery; acquisition; condemnation; procedure
§ 17-933 Cemetery; acquisition; title
§ 17-934 Cemetery; existing cemetery association; transfer to; conditions
§ 17-935 Existing cemetery association; transfer; deeds; how executed
§ 17-936 Existing cemetery association; transfer of funds
§ 17-937 Existing cemetery association; trustees; oath; bond; vacancy; how filled
§ 17-938 Cemetery; maintenance; tax; forfeiture of lot; resale; reclamation of lot; procedure
§ 17-939 Cemetery; acquisition; bonds; interest; approval of electors required
§ 17-940 Cemetery; improvement
§ 17-941 Cemetery; lots; conveyance
§ 17-942 Cemetery; lots; ownership and use; regulations
§ 17-943 Cemetery; protection; rules and regulations
§ 17-944 Cemetery association;formation; when authorized
§ 17-945 Cemetery association; trustees; conveyances
§ 17-946 Cemetery association; powers of board of trustees; income; use
§ 17-947 Cemetery association; formation; funds; transfer to
§ 17-948 Recreation and conservation; real estate; acquisition by gift or purchase; title
§ 17-949 Recreation and conservation; real estate; regulation and control; penalties authorized
§ 17-950 Recreation and conservation; real estate; acquisition; purposes; bonds; interest; approval of electors required
§ 17-951 Facilities; maintenance and improvement; tax authorized
§ 17-952 Board of commissioners; members; duties
§ 17-953 Public buildings; acquisition or construction; approval of electors required; exception
§ 17-953.01 Purchase or construction of public buildings without bond issue; remonstrance petition; procedure
§ 17-954 Public buildings; purchase or construction; bonds; approval of electors required; exception
§ 17-955 Public buildings; maintenance; tax
§ 17-956 Cold storage plants; construction and operation; power
§ 17-957 Cold storage plants; construction; cost; tax; bonds
§ 17-958 Cold storage plants; bonds; approval of electors; interest; redemption
§ 17-959 Cold storage plants; operation and extension; tax
§ 17-960 Cold storage plants; management; rates
§ 17-961 Facility; acquisition or construction; management; facility, defined
§ 17-962 Gift or devise; approval by city council or village board of trustees
§ 17-963 Facility; acquisition or construction; issuance of bonds; interest; election
§ 17-964 Facility; maintenance; tax
§ 17-965 Facility fund; established; custodian
§ 17-966 Facility board; members; duties; powers; warrants
§ 17-967 Bonds; city of the second class or village; municipal library; issuance; interest; conditions; limitations; tax levy
§ 17-968 Bonds; issuance; record
§ 17-969 Bonds; sinking fund; interest; levy
§ 17-970 Water service districts; establishment; ordinance
§ 17-971 Water service districts; improvements; protest; effect; special assessments
§ 17-972 Water service districts; failure to comply with regulation or make connection; effect; special assessment
§ 17-973 Water service district; assessments; lien; date due; payable
§ 17-974 Water service district; assessments; delinquent; interest; rate; payment
§ 17-975 Water service districts; cost of improvements; partial payments; final payment; contractor; interest
§ 17-976 Water service districts; cost of improvements; bonds; interest; issuance; tax; levy
§ 17-1001 Suburban development; zoning ordinances; building regulations; public utility codes; extension; notice to county board
§ 17-1002 Designation of jurisdiction; suburban development; subdivision; platting; consent required; review; when required
§ 17-1003 Suburban development; powers of city council or village board of trustees; dedication of avenues, streets, and alleys
§ 17-1004 Designation of jurisdiction; how described

Terms Used In Nebraska Statutes > Chapter 17

  • Acquiring person: shall mean a person who makes or proposes to make a control-share acquisition. See Nebraska Statutes 21-2434
  • Advice and consent: Under the Constitution, presidential nominations for executive and judicial posts take effect only when confirmed by the Senate, and international treaties become effective only when the Senate approves them by a two-thirds vote.
  • Affiliate: shall mean a person who directly or indirectly controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with another person. See Nebraska Statutes 21-2435
  • Case law: The law as laid down in cases that have been decided in the decisions of the courts.
  • Caucus: From the Algonquian Indian language, a caucus meant "to meet together." An informal organization of members of the legislature that exists to discuss issues of mutual concern and possibly to perform legislative research and policy planning for its members. There are regional, political or ideological, ethnic, and economic-based caucuses.
  • Control-share acquisition: shall mean an acquisition, directly or indirectly, by an acquiring person of ownership of voting stock of an issuing public corporation that, except for the Shareholders Protection Act, would, when added to all other shares of the issuing public corporation owned by the acquiring person, entitle the acquiring person, immediately after the acquisition, to exercise or direct the exercise of a new range of voting power within any of the following ranges of voting power: (1) At least twenty percent but less than thirty-three and one-third percent. See Nebraska Statutes 21-2439
  • Executor: A male person named in a will to carry out the decedent
  • Fiduciary: A trustee, executor, or administrator.
  • Indemnification: In general, a collateral contract or assurance under which one person agrees to secure another person against either anticipated financial losses or potential adverse legal consequences. Source: FDIC
  • Intangible property: Property that has no intrinsic value, but is merely the evidence of value such as stock certificates, bonds, and promissory notes.
  • Interested shareholder: shall mean any person, other than the issuing public corporation or any subsidiary of the issuing public corporation, who is (1) the owner, directly or indirectly, of ten percent or more of the outstanding voting stock of such corporation or (2) an affiliate or associate of such corporation and at any time within the five-year period immediately prior to the date in question was the owner, directly or indirectly, of ten percent or more of the then outstanding voting stock of such corporation. See Nebraska Statutes 21-2440
  • Interested shares: shall mean the voting stock of an issuing public corporation owned by an acquiring person. See Nebraska Statutes 21-2441
  • Joint meeting: An occasion, often ceremonial, when the House and Senate each adopt a unanimous consent agreement
  • Joint resolution: A legislative measure which requires the approval of both chambers.
  • Organization: means a limited cooperative association, limited cooperative association governed by a law other than the Nebraska Limited Cooperative Association Act, a general partnership, a limited liability partnership, a limited partnership, a limited liability company, a business trust, a corporation, a cooperative, or any other person having a governing statute. See Nebraska Statutes 21-29,117
  • Person: shall mean any individual, corporation, partnership, limited liability company, unincorporated association, or other entity. See Nebraska Statutes 21-2444
  • Proxy voting: The practice of allowing a legislator to cast a vote in committee for an absent legislator.
  • Uphold: The decision of an appellate court not to reverse a lower court decision.
  • Venue: The geographical location in which a case is tried.
  • Veto: The procedure established under the Constitution by which the President/Governor refuses to approve a bill or joint resolution and thus prevents its enactment into law. A regular veto occurs when the President/Governor returns the legislation to the house in which it originated. The President/Governor usually returns a vetoed bill with a message indicating his reasons for rejecting the measure. In Congress, the veto can be overridden only by a two-thirds vote in both the Senate and the House.
  • Voting stock: shall mean stock of any class or series entitled to vote generally in the election of directors. See Nebraska Statutes 21-2447