County Horseracing Facility Bond Act
County Civil Service Commission Act
County Budget Act of 1937
County Employees Retirement Act
County Purchasing Act
Nebraska Local Hospital District Act
Hospital Authorities Act
County Industrial Sewer Construction Act
Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Management Act
§ 23-101 Counties; corporate name
§ 23-102 County seal; use
§ 23-103 Powers; how exercised
§ 23-104 Powers
§ 23-104.01 Compacts; conditions; limitations; powers
§ 23-104.02 Counties containing a city of the primary class; public grounds; powers
§ 23-104.03 Power to provideprotective services
§ 23-104.04 Commission on the status of women; establish; fund
§ 23-104.05 Commission on the status of women; purposes
§ 23-105 County property; control; duty of county board; annual inventory
§ 23-106 County funds; management; establish petty cash fund; purpose; power of county board
§ 23-107 Public grounds and buildings; sale or lease; terms; illegal sale; when validated
§ 23-107.01 Real estate owned by county; sale or lease; terms and procedures
§ 23-108 Roads; establishment; abandonment; eminent domain
§ 23-109 Claims; audit; settlement; imprest system of accounting
§ 23-110 City or village plat; vacation
§ 23-111 City or village plat; change; when authorized
§ 23-112 Claims or judgments; power to compromise
§ 23-113.03 County board; general duties
§ 23-114 Zoning regulations; when authorized;powers; manufactured homes; limitation of jurisdiction
§ 23-114.01 County planning commission; appointment;qualifications; terms; vacancies; compensation; expenses; powers; duties;appeal
§ 23-114.02 Comprehensive development plan;purpose
§ 23-114.03 Zoning regulations; purpose; districts
§ 23-114.04 Zoning regulations; enforcement; county zoning administrator; appoint; compensation; permits; fees
§ 23-114.05 County zoning; violations; penalty;injunction
§ 23-114.06 County planning commission; noticeto military installation
§ 23-116 Insect pests; plant diseases; control; cooperation with federal and state agencies
§ 23-117 Clerks; assistants of county officer; service in more than one office; when
§ 23-119 Property tax; limitation
§ 23-120 Provide buildings; tax; levy authorized
§ 23-121 Office supplies; safes; duty to provide
§ 23-122 Counties having less than 150,000 inhabitants; proceedings; claims; employee job titles and salaries; publication; rate
§ 23-124 Bridges or buildings; damages; actions to recover
§ 23-125 Additional tax; when authorized; limitation
§ 23-126 Special tax; submission to voters; notice
§ 23-127 Bonds or expenditures; submission to voters; tax proposal mandatory
§ 23-128 Special tax; submission to voters; election; laws applicable
§ 23-129 Special tax; approval by voters; number required; effect
§ 23-130 Special tax; fund
§ 23-131 Warrants; how issued; claims of jurors
§ 23-132 Warrants; limitations upon issuance; exceptions
§ 23-133 Warrants; specify fund upon which drawn
§ 23-134 Warrants; issuance in excess of limitations; liability of county board
§ 23-135 Claims; time of filing; approval of certain purchases; procedure; payment in advance of services; authorized; disallowance of claim; notice; appeal
§ 23-135.01 Claims; false statements or representations; penalties
§ 23-136 Claims; allowance; appeal by taxpayer; procedure
§ 23-137 Claims; appeal; record; trial; costs
§ 23-138 Claims; reconsideration
§ 23-139 Special tax fund; reversion to general fund
§ 23-140 Debts due county; settlement
§ 23-141 Debts due county; action to recover
§ 23-142 Debts due county; failure to pay; penalty; collection
§ 23-143 Claims; delinquent personal taxes; deduction
§ 23-144 Claims; delinquent personal taxes; deduction; treasurer’s receipt
§ 23-145 Actions against county; delinquent personal tax; offset
§ 23-148 Commissioners; number; election; when authorized
§ 23-149 Commissioners; number; petition to change; resolution by county board; election; ballot; form
§ 23-150 Commissioners; qualifications
§ 23-151 Commissioner system; districts; number; redistricting; duties of county board; commissioners; election
§ 23-153 County board; joint sessions; mileage reimbursement
§ 23-154 County board; special sessions; notice
§ 23-155 County board; transaction of business; majority required
§ 23-156 County board; chairman; term; duties
§ 23-160.01 Authority to borrow money; conditions
§ 23-160.02 Authority to use idle funds
§ 23-164 Adjacent territory; regulation; hearings; notice by publication; written notice to chairperson of planning commission
§ 23-165 Adjacent territory; regulation; amendments; objections; hearings
§ 23-168.01 Board of adjustment; members; appointment; qualifications; term; vacancy; rules and regulations; records; open to public
§ 23-168.02 Board of adjustment; decision; appeal
§ 23-168.03 Board of adjustment; powers; variance; when permitted; power to reverse or modify action
§ 23-168.04 Board of adjustment; decision; appeal; procedure
§ 23-170 Adjacent territory; regulation; statutes and ordinances; highest standard required by either to govern
§ 23-172 Standard codes; adoption; copy; area where applicable
§ 23-173 Zoning resolutions; adoption; publication; printing; effect
§ 23-173.01 Nonconforming use; termination; restoration
§ 23-174 Violations; penalty
§ 23-174.01 County zoning; cities of the primary class; grant of authority
§ 23-174.02 Zoning resolution; regulations
§ 23-174.03 County zoning; cities of the primary class; subdivision and platting into lots and streets; approval requirements; filing of plat; effect
§ 23-174.04 County zoning; cities of the primary class; planning department; planning director
§ 23-174.05 County; comprehensive plan; requirements; contents
§ 23-174.06 Planning director; prepare comprehensive plan; review by county planning commission; county board; adopt or modify plan
§ 23-174.07 Change to comprehensive plan; prior consideration by planning department; report
§ 23-174.08 Zoning resolution; public hearing; notice; approval
§ 23-174.09 Board of zoning appeals; powers; duties
§ 23-174.10 Public health, safety, and welfare regulations; county board may adopt
§ 23-175 County board; county vehicles; liability insurance procurement; effect; applicability
§ 23-187 Subjects regulated; power to enforce
§ 23-188 County board; notice; contents; publichearing
§ 23-189 Proof of ordinance; proof of adoptionand publication
§ 23-190 County ordinance; reading by title;suspension of requirement; adoption; vote required; revision or amendment
§ 23-191 Style of ordinance; publication
§ 23-192 Ordinance; territorial application;copy provided to clerk of city and village within county; effective date;change of jurisdiction; effect
§ 23-193 County attorney; powers; filing ofordinances
§ 23-201 Township organization; adoption
§ 23-202 Township organization; petition; filing; election
§ 23-203 When effective
§ 23-204 Supervisor districts; formation; election of supervisors
§ 23-205 Supervisor districts; how numbered
§ 23-206 Supervisor districts; cities and villages
§ 23-207 Supervisors; first board; how constituted
§ 23-208 First board of supervisors; organization
§ 23-209 Board of supervisors; division of county
§ 23-210 Township; creation from city of second class; petition
§ 23-211 Township; creation from city of second class; boundaries; alteration
§ 23-212 Township; change of name
§ 23-213 Township; names; recording
§ 23-214 Chairman of township board; appointment; qualifications
§ 23-215 Town clerk and treasurer; qualifications; bond
§ 23-219 Town; corporate name
§ 23-222 Township officers; when elected; qualifications
§ 23-223 Towns; corporate powers
§ 23-224 Annual town meeting; powers of electors present
§ 23-225 Town; failure to organize; officers; how appointed
§ 23-226 Town officers; failure to qualify; effect
§ 23-227 Annual town meetings; notice; publication
§ 23-228 Annual town meeting; additional powers of electors
§ 23-229 Town bylaws and regulations; publication
§ 23-230 Special town meetings; how called; notice; place; quorum
§ 23-231 Special town meeting; powers of electors enumerated
§ 23-234 Town meeting; minutes; duty of town clerk; duty of town treasurer
§ 23-236 Town meeting; questions; vote required
§ 23-237 Town meeting; manner of voting
§ 23-238 Town meeting; qualifications of electors
§ 23-239 Town meeting; voters; challenges; laws applicable
§ 23-241 Town meeting; minutes; filing
§ 23-242 Town officers; oath; certificate; filing
§ 23-243 Town officers; oath; failure to take; effect
§ 23-245 Town officer; retirement; records; transfer
§ 23-246 Town treasurer; bond; amount; forfeiture; right of action
§ 23-246.01 Town treasurer; funds; depository
§ 23-247 Town clerk; duties; penalties, recovery of
§ 23-248 Poor relief; duty of county board
§ 23-249 Town clerk; duties and powers; records; papers; oaths
§ 23-250 Town clerk; budget; prepare
§ 23-251 Town clerk; duties; proceedings to raise money; certificate to county clerk
§ 23-252 Town board; accounts and claims; audit; annual statement
§ 23-253 Accounts; audit; meetings; notice
§ 23-254 Accounts; filing; production at town meeting
§ 23-255 Town funds; disbursement; orders; warrants; limitations; registration of warrants
§ 23-257 Claims; certified statement; delivered to town clerk
§ 23-258 Town funds; general expenditures authorized
§ 23-259 Tax; amount authorized
§ 23-260 Town board; compensation of officers; fixed by town board
§ 23-261 Town officers; official oaths; no fees for administering
§ 23-262 Towns; actions by or against; how brought
§ 23-263 Towns; actions against; service of process; defense
§ 23-264 Towns; judgments against; payment
§ 23-265 County supervisors; meetings; supervision of expenditures; road money, how expended
§ 23-266 Towns; meetings; provisions inapplicable to cities
§ 23-267 Supervisor districts; population as basis for division; how calculated
§ 23-268 County supervisors; election; ballots; residency
§ 23-269 County supervisor districts; boundaries; change
§ 23-270 County board; duties; how determined
§ 23-271 Township organization; adoption; pending business; disposition
§ 23-272 County supervisors; meetings
§ 23-273 County supervisors; special meetings; notice
§ 23-274 County supervisors; chairman; duties
§ 23-275 County supervisors; certificates of election; where filed
§ 23-276 County supervisors; additional powers
§ 23-277 County supervisors; quorum
§ 23-279 County supervisors; oaths; chairman may administer
§ 23-281 Town; change of name; procedure
§ 23-292 Township organization; how discontinued
§ 23-293 Township organization; discontinuance; procedure
§ 23-294 Township organization;discontinuance; election; ballot; form
§ 23-295 Township organization;discontinuance; when effective
§ 23-296 Township organization; cessation; establishment of commissioner system
§ 23-297 Commissioner system creation; districts; elected members; how treated
§ 23-298 Township organization; cessation; commissioners; succeed supervisors
§ 23-299 Township organization; cessation; town records; indebtedness and unexpended balances; how discharged
§ 23-2,100 Termination of township board; public hearing; notice; resolution; termination date; conduct of business; disposal of property; discontinuance of township organization of county
§ 23-301 County resurvey; petition; contents; election
§ 23-302 County resurvey; election; canvass of votes
§ 23-303 County resurvey; cost; tax; bonds; submission to voters
§ 23-304 Irregular tracts of land; survey
§ 23-305 Irregular tracts of land; survey; maps
§ 23-306 Irregular tracts of land; survey; field notes; record
§ 23-307 Irregular tracts of land; legal description
§ 23-308 Watercourses; diversion of channel; dams and dikes; when authorized
§ 23-309 Levees; dikes; construction; when authorized
§ 23-310 Levees; dikes; petition of landowners; contents; filing
§ 23-311 Levees; dikes; site; surveys and reports; duty of engineer
§ 23-312 Levees; dikes; report of engineer; filing; notice of hearing
§ 23-313 Levees; dikes; petition; remonstrance; hearing; powers of board
§ 23-314 Levees; dikes; plan for protection; approval by Director-State Engineer
§ 23-315 Levees; dikes; bids; contracts; conditions
§ 23-316 Levees; dikes; construction; special assessments
§ 23-317 Levees; dikes; special assessments; entry on tax list; lien
§ 23-318 Levees; dikes; assessments; notice
§ 23-319 Levees; dikes; bonds; when authorized; term; sinking fund
§ 23-320 Levees; dikes; assessments; appeal to district court; procedure
§ 23-320.01 Flood control; powers of county board; contracts with federal government; appropriation of funds
§ 23-320.02 Flood control; acquisition of lands, rights-of-way, and easements; procedure
§ 23-320.03 Flood control; bonds; amount; term; levy of tax
§ 23-320.04 Flood control; liability on indemnity agreements; how paid; insurance
§ 23-320.05 Flood control; maintenance and operation; coordinated program; tax levy; special fund; establish; use
§ 23-320.06 Flood control; agreements with other governmental agencies; construction, maintenance, repair, and operation; coordinated program; employment of nonprofit corporation
§ 23-320.07 Flood control; cities; powers; eminent domain; bonds; tax levy; funds, how used
§ 23-320.08 Flood control; cooperation with federal government; additional powers; agreements authorized
§ 23-320.10 Flood control; construction of works; acquisition of rights-of-way and easements; eminent domain; procedure
§ 23-320.11 Flood control; acquisition and operation of flood control works; tax levy authorized; repairs
§ 23-320.12 Flood control; execution of program; parties to agreement; employment of services of nonprofit corporation
§ 23-320.13 Flood control; cities of the first class; project outside city limits; powers; authority
§ 23-325 Real estate; appropriation; power of county board; procedure
§ 23-333 County surplus funds; how transferred; exceptions
§ 23-336 County contracts; when invalid
§ 23-337 Illegal contracts; liability of county officers
§ 23-338 Illegal contracts; county exempt from liability
§ 23-339 Street improvement; county aid; when authorized
§ 23-340 Streets outside corporate limits; improvement; notice to landowners; county aid
§ 23-341 Streets outside corporate limits; improvement; cost; payment; assessments; determination; how levied
§ 23-342 Streets outside corporate limits; improvement; contracts; conditions
§ 23-345 County machinery; rental to farmers; conditions
§ 23-346 Uniform inventory statements required
§ 23-346.01 County supplies in certain counties; annual estimate; perpetual inventory
§ 23-347 Inventory statement; duty of county officers to make; filing
§ 23-348.01 Inventory of real property; filing; contents
§ 23-349 Inventory statements; public record
§ 23-350 Inventory statements; failure to file; false statements; penalty
§ 23-351 Historic sites; monuments and markers; erection; expenditures authorized
§ 23-352 Monuments; markers; inscription
§ 23-353 Monuments; markers; record of location
§ 23-354 Monuments; markers; eminent domain
§ 23-355 Monuments; markers; plans; contracts; advisory committee; duties
§ 23-355.01 Nonprofit county historical association or society; tax levy; requirements; funding request
§ 23-358 Control program; county board; powers; requirements
§ 23-358.01 Control service; availability; payment
§ 23-359 County board; expenditures authorized
§ 23-360 Program; tax levy; use
§ 23-361 Additional tax on sheep and cattle; conditions
§ 23-362 Indians; support; state aid to counties;purpose; conditions; audit; certificate of county assessor; alcohol-relatedprograms; participation by county board
§ 23-362.01 Indian reservation; county share of funds
§ 23-365 Sidewalks; outside corporate limits of city or village; construct or repair; tax; levy; notice; construction by owner, when; appropriation
§ 23-366 Bids; special assessments; notice; levy
§ 23-367 Special assessments; collection
§ 23-368 Street improvements; limitation
§ 23-369 Street improvement districts; delineate; purpose
§ 23-370 Resolution of county board; notice; objections; effect
§ 23-371 Board of trustees; appointment; procedure
§ 23-372 Subdivision of land, defined
§ 23-373 Subdivisions; platting; approval of county board; exceptions
§ 23-374 Subdivisions; platting; requirements
§ 23-375 Subdivisions; dedication of avenues, streets, alleys; hard surfacing
§ 23-376 Applicability of sections
§ 23-377 Subdivisions; comprehensive plan; standards; county board prescribe
§ 23-379 Garbage disposal plants; systems or solid waste disposal areas; purchase, construct, maintain
§ 23-380 Garbage disposal plant; system or solid waste disposal areas; cities and villages; agreement
§ 23-381 Garbage disposal; levy; tax
§ 23-382 Public gatherings; protest; enjoin; grounds
§ 23-383 Regulation by county; authorized
§ 23-384 Construction, installation, operation, maintenance; permit required
§ 23-385 Underground cables and equipment; map; filing
§ 23-386 Occupation tax; levy; due date
§ 23-387 Violations; penalty
§ 23-388 Franchise granted by municipality; exempt from sections
§ 23-397 Bridge construction and repair; bonds; issuance; election; procedure
§ 23-398 Bonds; levy of tax
§ 23-501 County buildings; erection; petition
§ 23-502 Election; proposition; submission
§ 23-503 Election; tax; how collected; resubmission of proposal
§ 23-504 Tax; when levied
§ 23-505 Sinking fund
§ 23-506 Public buildings; contracts; warrants; when authorized
§ 23-507 Surplus building fund; disposition
§ 23-808 Pool hall; bowling alley; operation without license; penalty
§ 23-809 Pool hall; bowling alley; petition for license
§ 23-810 Pool hall; bowling alley; license; hearing; renewal
§ 23-811 Pool hall; bowling alley; license fee; closing hour; determination by county board
§ 23-812 Pool hall; bowling alley; licensee; violations; forfeiture of license
§ 23-813 Roadhouses; dance halls; carnivals; shows; amusement parks; license required
§ 23-814 Roadhouses; dance halls; carnivals; shows; amusement parks; petition for license
§ 23-815 Roadhouses; dance halls; carnivals; shows; amusement parks; petition for license; notice; hearing
§ 23-816 Roadhouses; dance halls; carnivals; shows; amusement parks; license fee
§ 23-817 Roadhouses; dance halls; carnivals; shows; amusement parks; license; revocation; violations by licensee; penalty
§ 23-818 Roadhouse, defined
§ 23-819 Public grounds and parks; improvement; statues, memorials, and works of art; erection and construction; gifts and bequests
§ 23-1111 County officers;clerks and assistants; countyboard; budgetary approval
§ 23-1112 County officers; mileage; rate; county board; powers
§ 23-1112.01 County officers; employees; use of automobile; allowance
§ 23-1114 County officers and deputies; salaries;fixed by county board; when;method of payment
§ 23-1114.01 County officers; salaries; classification of counties
§ 23-1114.02 County officers; salaries; Class 1 counties
§ 23-1114.03 County officers; salaries; Class 2 counties
§ 23-1114.04 County officers; salaries; Class 3 counties
§ 23-1114.05 County officers; salaries; Class 4 counties
§ 23-1114.06 County officers; salaries; Class 5 counties
§ 23-1114.07 County officers; salaries; Class6 or 7 counties
§ 23-1114.08 County officers; minimum salaries; person occupying more than one office
§ 23-1114.09 Deputies; one full-time; minimum salary
§ 23-1114.14 Interpretation of sections
§ 23-1114.15 Interpretation of sections
§ 23-1115 County officers; deputies; compensation
§ 23-1118 Employees of certain counties or municipal counties; retirement benefits; establish; approval of voters; contribution rates; funds; investment; employees, defined; reports
§ 23-1201 County attorney; duties; services performed at request of Attorney General; additional compensation; reports
§ 23-1201.01 County attorney; residency; appointment of nonresident attorney, when; contract
§ 23-1201.02 County attorney; qualifications;exception
§ 23-1202 County attorney; actions before magistrate; duties
§ 23-1203 Opinions; civil cases; additional counsel; compensation
§ 23-1204 Deputies; appointment and compensation
§ 23-1204.01 Deputies; special; when; compensation
§ 23-1204.03 Deputies; counties having a population of between 30,000 and 200,000 inhabitants; additional deputy; salary
§ 23-1204.04 Deputies; bond
§ 23-1204.05 Deputies; counties having a population of more than 200,000 inhabitants
§ 23-1204.06 Deputies; grant program for termination of parental rights actions
§ 23-1205 Acting countyattorney; appointment; when authorized; compensation
§ 23-1206 Fees; prohibited; civil cases; when disqualified
§ 23-1206.01 County attorney, deputies, and employees; employment restrictions; salary
§ 23-1206.02 County attorney, deputies, and employees; counties having a population of more than 200,000 inhabitants; private practice; illegal reference; malfeasance; penalty
§ 23-1207 Money or property received; county attorney; duties
§ 23-1208 Grand jury and court sittings; attendance and duties
§ 23-1209 Detectives; employment; when authorized; compensation
§ 23-1210 Coroner; duties; county attorney shall perform; expenses; delegation of duties
§ 23-1212 Terms, defined
§ 23-1213 Nebraska County Attorney Standards Advisory Council;created; members; qualifications; appointment; terms; vacancy
§ 23-1213.01 Guidelines to promote uniformand quality death investigations for county coroners; contents
§ 23-1213.02 Network of regional officialsfor death investigation support services
§ 23-1213.03 Coroner or deputy coroner; training;continuing education
§ 23-1214 Council; membership; holding other office or position; effect
§ 23-1215 Council; members; expenses
§ 23-1216 Council; continuing legal education; duties
§ 23-1217 County attorney; deputy county attorney; continuing legal education required; failure to complete; effect
§ 23-1218 Nebraska Commissionon Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice; continuing legal education; duties;enumerated
§ 23-1219 County attorney; deputy county attorney; failure to fulfill continuing legal education requirements; commission; investigate; duties
§ 23-1220 County attorney; deputy county attorney; failure to complete continuing legal education; Attorney General; commence civil action
§ 23-1221 County attorney; deputy county attorney; removal from office; vacancy; how filled
§ 23-1222 Continuing education; tuition, fees, expenses; how paid
§ 23-1223 Traveling expenses; mileage
§ 23-1301 County clerk; office; duties; residency
§ 23-1301.01 County clerk; deputy; appointment; oath; duties
§ 23-1302 County clerk; duties
§ 23-1303 Warrants; funds transfer systems; procedure
§ 23-1304 Official bonds; record; duty to keep
§ 23-1305 Road record; duty to keep
§ 23-1306 County officers; signatures and seals; duty to report to Secretary of State
§ 23-1307 Countyclerks; election commissioners; deputies; oaths; acknowledgments
§ 23-1309 Veterans discharge record; duty to keep; information; confidential
§ 23-1310 Veterans discharge or record of separation; registration upon application
§ 23-1311 Instruments; signatures; illegible; refusal to file
§ 23-1313 Name of farm, ranch, or home; registration
§ 23-1401 County comptroller; qualifications;duties
§ 23-1402 Treasurer’s account; how kept
§ 23-1403 Record of claims; assistants; appointment; absence or disability; power of deputy
§ 23-1404 Powers; limitation
§ 23-1405 Salary; determination
§ 23-1407 County comptroller; office; equipment
§ 23-1501 Register of deeds; office, equipment, and supplies; residency
§ 23-1501.01 Register of deeds; deputy; appointment; oath; duties
§ 23-1502 County clerk ex officio register of deeds, when
§ 23-1503 Record of instruments; form
§ 23-1503.01 Instrument submitted for recording; requirements
§ 23-1504 Seal; when required; certified copies
§ 23-1505 Acknowledgments; oaths; power to administer
§ 23-1506 Documents; deeds and conveyances; recording; errors; inventory statement; duty to file; exceptions
§ 23-1507 Violations; penalty
§ 23-1508 Grantor and grantee index
§ 23-1509 Grantor and grantee index; entries; form
§ 23-1510 Instruments; endorsement, recording,and indexing; required information
§ 23-1511 Deed record; mortgage record; duty to keep
§ 23-1512 Construction Lien Record
§ 23-1513 Numerical index
§ 23-1514 Numerical index; entries
§ 23-1515 Numerical index; instrument; certificate of entry
§ 23-1516 Miscellaneous Record
§ 23-1517 Records; other indices
§ 23-1517.01 Records; microfilm; requirements
§ 23-1517.02 Records; computerized system of indexing; authorized
§ 23-1527 Bankruptcy proceedings; recording; fee
§ 23-1528 Printed form; noncompliance; effect
§ 23-1601 County treasurer; general duties
§ 23-1601.01 Residency requirement
§ 23-1601.02 County treasurer; deputy; appointment; oath; duties
§ 23-1602 Warrants; nonpayment for want of funds; endorsement; interest
§ 23-1603 Violations; penalty
§ 23-1605 Semiannual statement; publication
§ 23-1606 Semiannual statement; contents
§ 23-1607 Semiannual statement; cost of publication; payment
§ 23-1608 County officers; audit required; cost; audit report; irregularities; how treated
§ 23-1609 Audit; requirements
§ 23-1611 County officers; uniform system of accounting; duty of Auditor of Public Accounts; individual ledger sheets; approval
§ 23-1612 County offices; audit; refusal to exhibit records; penalty
§ 23-1616 Cashier’s bonds; amount
§ 23-1701 Sheriff; general duties; residency
§ 23-1701.01 Candidate forsheriff; requirements; sheriff; attend Sheriff’s Certification Course; exception;continuing education; violation; penalty
§ 23-1701.02 Arrests; keeping the peace; duties
§ 23-1701.03 Sheriff; general powers and duties
§ 23-1701.04 Process; duty of sheriff to execute
§ 23-1701.05 Writs and orders; endorsement
§ 23-1701.06 Failure or neglect to execute process; amercement; civil liability
§ 23-1702 Violations; penalty
§ 23-1703 Jailer; duty of sheriff; certain counties
§ 23-1704 Assistants; power to summon
§ 23-1704.01 Sheriff; deputies; appointment; oath; duties
§ 23-1704.02 Sheriff; appoint employee
§ 23-1704.03 Sheriff; employee; false return of writ; penalty
§ 23-1704.04 Sheriff; deputies; compensation
§ 23-1705 Court attendance; when required
§ 23-1706 Court; appearance as counsel prohibited
§ 23-1707 Sheriff’s sales; purchases prohibited
§ 23-1708 Vacancy; legal process; deputy; duty
§ 23-1709 Term of office; expiration; transfers to successor
§ 23-1710 Crimes; prevention; arrest; powers and duties
§ 23-1711 Special investigations; when authorized; report; expenses
§ 23-1713 Sheriff; party to judicial proceedings; duties; county clerk shall perform
§ 23-1714 Sheriff; disqualification; duties; county clerk shall perform
§ 23-1715 Sheriff; specialized equipment; damages to privately owned motor vehicle, reimbursement
§ 23-1717 Sheriff; deputy; uniform; badge, display; exceptions
§ 23-1718 Sheriff; deputy; uniform; allowance in counties of less than 200,000 population
§ 23-1719 Sheriff; deputy; uniform; specifications
§ 23-1720 Sheriff; deputies; indemnification; legal counsel
§ 23-1721 Sections; purposes
§ 23-1722 Sheriff’s office merit commission; created; county having 25,000 inhabitants or more
§ 23-1723 Sheriff’s office merit commission; county having 400,000 or more population; members; number; appointment; term; vacancy
§ 23-1723.01 Sheriff’s office merit commission; county having 25,000 to 400,000 population; members; number; appointment; term; vacancy
§ 23-1724 Sheriff’s office merit commission; members; salary; expenses
§ 23-1725 Commission; meetings; public; rules of procedure; adopt
§ 23-1726 Classified service, defined
§ 23-1727 Commission; powers; duties
§ 23-1728 Commission; competitive examinations; records of service; keep; subject to inspection by commission
§ 23-1729 Sheriff; personnel director; duties
§ 23-1730 Deputy sheriffs; classified service; chief deputy sheriff
§ 23-1731 Classified service; vacancy; how filled
§ 23-1732 Deputy sheriffs in active employment; examinations; when required
§ 23-1733 Promotions; procedure
§ 23-1734 Deputy sheriff;removal, suspension, reduced in rank or grade; procedure; grievance; procedure
§ 23-1735 Classified service; discrimination; prohibited
§ 23-1736 Classified service; political activity; prohibited
§ 23-1801 Inquest; when authorized; coroner’sjury; compensation
§ 23-1802 Inquest; warrant; form
§ 23-1803 Inquest; warrant; execution
§ 23-1804 Inquest; coroner’s jury; vacancies; oath
§ 23-1805 Inquest; juror; refusal to serve; penalty
§ 23-1806 Inquest; subpoenas; power to issue
§ 23-1807 Inquest; witnesses; oath
§ 23-1808 Inquest; witnesses; recognizance for appearance in district court
§ 23-1809 Inquest; verdict; form
§ 23-1810 Inquest; verdict of murder or manslaughter; effect
§ 23-1811 Inquest; arrest; when authorized
§ 23-1812 Inquest; warrant of arrest; effect
§ 23-1813 Inquest; warrant of arrest; contents
§ 23-1814 Inquest; return to district court; contents; duty
§ 23-1815 Inquest; personal property; discovery on or near body; disposition
§ 23-1816 Inquest; body of deceased; disposition
§ 23-1817 Coroner; duties; performance by sheriff
§ 23-1818 Inquest; surgeons; subpoena; when authorized
§ 23-1819 Murder; warrant for arrest of suspect; when required
§ 23-1820 Coroner’s physician; appointment; when authorized; duties; compensation; mileage
§ 23-1821 Death during apprehension or custody; notice required; penalty
§ 23-1822 Death during apprehension or custody; county coroner; duties
§ 23-1823 Death during apprehension or custody; powers
§ 23-1824 Minor; autopsy required; when; guidelines; reimbursement
§ 23-1825 Organ and tissuedonations; legislative findings
§ 23-1826 Organ and tissuedonations; terms, defined
§ 23-1827 Organ and tissuedonations; preliminary investigation; access to information; release of organsor tissues; exception; presence for removal procedure
§ 23-1828 Organ and tissuedonations; failure to complete preliminary investigation; effect
§ 23-1829 Organ and tissuedonations; denial of recovery; written report required
§ 23-1830 Organ and tissuedonations; coroner’s access to medical information, medical records, pathologyreports, and the donor’s body
§ 23-1831 Organ and tissuedonations; report provided to coroner; contents
§ 23-1832 Organ and tissuedonations; immunity from criminal liability
§ 23-1901 County surveyor; county engineer; qualifications; powers and duties
§ 23-1901.01 County surveyor;residency; appointed from another county;when; term
§ 23-1901.02 County surveyor; deputy; appointment; oath; duties
§ 23-1903 Witnesses; attendance and testimony; power to compel; fees
§ 23-1904 Surveyor’s certificate; use as evidence; effect
§ 23-1905 Surveyor; interest; disqualification; who may act
§ 23-1906 Trespass; exemption from liability
§ 23-1907 Original corners; perpetuation
§ 23-1908 Corners; establishment and restoration; rules governing
§ 23-1909 Subdivisions; petition for survey; expense
§ 23-1910 Field books; contents
§ 23-1911 Surveys; records; contents; available to public
§ 23-1913 Records; transfer to successor; violation; penalty
§ 23-2001 County officers; removal by judicial proceedings; grounds
§ 23-2002 County officers; removal by judicial proceedings; jurisdiction of district court
§ 23-2003 County officers; removal by judicial proceedings; procedure
§ 23-2004 County officers; removal by judicial proceedings; complaint; verification
§ 23-2005 County officers; removal by judicial proceedings; complaint; summons and service
§ 23-2006 County officers; removal by judicial proceedings; defensive pleadings
§ 23-2007 County officers; removal by judicial proceedings; judgment
§ 23-2008 County officers; removal by judicial proceedings; costs of action
§ 23-2009 County officers; suspension pending trial; vacancy; how filled
§ 23-2012 Removal of disabled officers; procedure
§ 23-2013 Incarcerated county officer; forfeiture of office; replacement
§ 23-2333 Retirement; prior service annuity; how computed
§ 23-2334 Retirement; prior service retirement benefit; how determined
§ 23-2517 Act, how cited; purpose of act
§ 23-2518 Terms, defined
§ 23-2518.01 Transfer of employees to county; state employee; rights
§ 23-2518.02 Transfer of employees; retirement benefits; calculation; funding
§ 23-2518.03 Transfer of employees; sick leave; annual leave; vacation leave; other benefits; how treated
§ 23-2518.04 Transfer of employees; credit for time of service; seniority
§ 23-2519 County service; classified and unclassified service, defined; exemptions
§ 23-2520 Personnel office; created; county personnel officer; board; members; costs of administering
§ 23-2521 Personnel policy board; members; qualifications; appointment; term; removal; chairperson; meetings; quorum
§ 23-2522 Personnel policy board; powers; duties
§ 23-2523 County personnel officer; appointment; qualifications
§ 23-2524 County personnel officer; duties
§ 23-2525 County personnel officer; personnel rules and regulations for classified service
§ 23-2526 Personal service; classified service; certification of payrolls
§ 23-2527 Reciprocal agreements; county personnel officer; cooperate with other governmental agencies
§ 23-2528 Tenure
§ 23-2529 Veterans preference; sections applicable
§ 23-2530 Compliance with act; when
§ 23-2531 Discrimination; prohibited; other prohibited acts
§ 23-2532 Federal merit standards; federal Hatch Act provisions; applicable to programs
§ 23-2533 Violations; penalty
§ 23-2534 County board; adopt personnel policies and procedures
§ 23-2535 Terms, defined
§ 23-2536 County service; classified and unclassified service, defined
§ 23-2537 Personnel policy board; members; terms; removal; officers; meetings
§ 23-2538 Personnel policy board; powers and duties
§ 23-2539 County personnel officer; appointment
§ 23-2540 County personnel officer; powers
§ 23-2541 Personnel rules and regulations; adoption; contents
§ 23-2542 Federal law; compliance
§ 23-2543 Abolishment or termination of provisions
§ 23-2544 Violations; penalty
§ 23-2545 Payments to employees; methods authorized
§ 23-2801 Declaration of intent
§ 23-2802 County board of corrections; created; powers and duties
§ 23-2803 County board of corrections; meetings; functions; dissolution; procedure
§ 23-2804 County board of corrections; functions, duties, and responsibilities; how performed
§ 23-2805 Division of corrections; established; administrative officer; qualifications
§ 23-2806 Employment rights of employee of sheriff’s office
§ 23-2809 County board of corrections; contracts authorized
§ 23-2901 Legislative intent
§ 23-2902 Site acquisition; purpose
§ 23-2903 Building; use; rules and regulations; agreements; funds
§ 23-2904 Community building district; establish; purpose
§ 23-2905 District; petition; requirements
§ 23-2906 District; petition; hearing; notice
§ 23-2907 District; boundaries; election
§ 23-2908 District; voter approval; board of trustees; how appointed; officers
§ 23-2909 Board of trustees; budget statement; tax; levied; warrants
§ 23-2910 District; bylaws
§ 23-2911 District; unpaid warrants; interest; rate
§ 23-2912 District; territory; added or withdrawn; procedure
§ 23-2913 District; territory withdrawn; outstanding obligations; liability
§ 23-2914 District; territory withdrawn; obligations; when not liable
§ 23-2915 District; dissolution; procedure
§ 23-3201 County assessor; elected; when; duties; county assessor, defined; additional salary for county clerk
§ 23-3202 County assessoror deputy; county assessor certificate; required; exception
§ 23-3203 County clerk acting as ex officio county assessor; county assessor certificate; required
§ 23-3204 County assessor; residence requirements
§ 23-3205 County assessor; oath; bond
§ 23-3206 County assessor in counties over 200,000 population; deputies
§ 23-3207 Administration of oaths
§ 23-3209 Neglect of duty; damages
§ 23-3210 Assessor’s bond; action to recover upon; by whom brought
§ 23-3211 Law enforcement officer or Nebraska National Guard member; residential address; withheld from public; application; form; county assessor and register of deeds; duty
§ 23-3311 County school administrator; mileage
§ 23-3312 County superintendent; elimination of office; county clerk; duties
§ 23-3401 Public defender in certain counties; election; qualifications; prohibited practices; residency
§ 23-3402 Public defender; duties; appointment; prohibitions
§ 23-3403 Public defender; assistants; personnel; compensation; office space, fixtures, and supplies
§ 23-3404 Public defender; certain counties; appointment authorized
§ 23-3405 Public defender; policy board created; members; duties
§ 23-3406 Public defender; contract; terms
§ 23-3407 Public defender; contracting attorney; qualifications; experts; support staff; fees
§ 23-3408 Public defender; second attorney authorized; when; fees
§ 23-3501 Medical and multiunitfacilities; authorized; bonds; issuance;procedure
§ 23-3502 Board of trustees; membership; vacancy; county board serve as board of trustees; terms; removal
§ 23-3503 Board of trustees; compensation; mileage
§ 23-3504 Board of trustees; powers and duties
§ 23-3505 Board of trustees; meetings; bylaws, rules, and regulations;employees; filing required; other duties
§ 23-3508 County board;bonds; purpose;terms; levy; limitation; procedureto exceed
§ 23-3509 County board; tax levy; amount
§ 23-3510 Acceptance of gifts or devises; authorization;powers of county board; tax levy
§ 23-3511 Tax levy; limitation;purpose
§ 23-3512 Sections, how construed
§ 23-3513 Cities and villages; gifts of money or property to aid county in acquisition, construction, or maintenance; issuance of bonds; procedure
§ 23-3515 Adjoining counties; issuance of joint bonds; election; majority required
§ 23-3516 Adjoining counties; board; membership; powers
§ 23-3517 Adjoining counties; reports; county board actions; voter approval; construction of sections
§ 23-3519 Adjoining counties; certification of taxes; levy; limitation; disposition of proceeds
§ 23-3520 Preexisting rights; intent of sections
§ 23-3521 Governing board; rates and fees; establish
§ 23-3522 Care and services; liability
§ 23-3523 Care and services;action for recovery
§ 23-3524 Care and services;costs and fees; authority of board to compromise
§ 23-3525 Care and services;costs and fees; collection; disposition
§ 23-3526 Retirement plan; authorized; reports
§ 23-3527 Retirement system; option to participate in County Employees Retirement Act
§ 23-3553 Depreciationfunds, authorized; limitations on use
§ 23-3554 Hospital district; bonds; issuance; purpose
§ 23-3555 Hospital district; bonds; issuance; approval of electors
§ 23-3556 Hospital districts; bonds; issuance; petition
§ 23-3557 Hospital districts; bonds; issuance; election; polling places; ballots; counting
§ 23-3558 Hospital districts; bonds; issuance; limitation
§ 23-3559 Hospital districts; bonds; interest; rate
§ 23-3560 Hospital districts; bonds; contents
§ 23-3561 Hospital districts; bonds; issuance; statement; contents
§ 23-3563 Hospital districts; bonds; taxes
§ 23-3565 Hospital districts; bonds; interest; levy; sinking fund
§ 23-3566 Hospital district, defined
§ 23-3567 Hospital district; sinking fund; investment
§ 23-3568 Hospital districts; tax; collection; disbursement
§ 23-3569 Hospital districts; bonds; maturity; payment
§ 23-3570 Hospital districts; bonds; liability of district; redemption
§ 23-3571 Hospital districts; bonds; issuance; statement; contents
§ 23-3572 Hospital districts; bonds; new; vote of electors not required
§ 23-3573 Hospital districts; merger; petition; election
§ 23-3574 Hospital districts; petition for merger; plan; contents
§ 23-3575 Hospital districts; merger; election; procedure
§ 23-3576 Hospital districts; merger; voter approval; order
§ 23-3577 Hospital districts; merger; new officers; board of directors; elected; term
§ 23-3578 Hospital districts; merger; property, debts, liabilities; transferred; exception
§ 23-3701 Auditor; duties
§ 23-3901 Guardian ad litem division; created; division director; assistant guardians ad litem

Terms Used In Nebraska Statutes > Chapter 23

  • Adjourn: A motion to adjourn a legislative chamber or a committee, if passed, ends that day's session.
  • Alternative technical concept: means changes suggested by a qualified, eligible, short-listed design-builder to the commission's basic configurations, project scope, design, or construction criteria. See Nebraska Statutes 37-1703
  • Amortization: Paying off a loan by regular installments.
  • Annuity: A periodic (usually annual) payment of a fixed sum of money for either the life of the recipient or for a fixed number of years. A series of payments under a contract from an insurance company, a trust company, or an individual. Annuity payments are made at regular intervals over a period of more than one full year.
  • Appellate: About appeals; an appellate court has the power to review the judgement of another lower court or tribunal.
  • Appropriation: The provision of funds, through an annual appropriations act or a permanent law, for federal agencies to make payments out of the Treasury for specified purposes. The formal federal spending process consists of two sequential steps: authorization
  • Arrest: Taking physical custody of a person by lawful authority.
  • Attachment: A procedure by which a person's property is seized to pay judgments levied by the court.
  • Bequest: Property gifted by will.
  • Best value-based selection process: means a process of selecting a design-builder using price, schedule, and qualifications for evaluation factors. See Nebraska Statutes 37-1704
  • Candidate: shall mean a registered voter for whom votes may be cast at any election and who, either tacitly or expressly, consents to be considered. See Nebraska Statutes 32-104
  • Caucus: From the Algonquian Indian language, a caucus meant "to meet together." An informal organization of members of the legislature that exists to discuss issues of mutual concern and possibly to perform legislative research and policy planning for its members. There are regional, political or ideological, ethnic, and economic-based caucuses.
  • Certificate of election: shall mean a document issued to a candidate who has been elected to office at an election. See Nebraska Statutes 32-105
  • Certificate of nomination: shall mean a document issued to a candidate who receives the requisite number of votes and qualifies to be placed on a general election ballot. See Nebraska Statutes 32-106
  • Chambers: A judge's office.
  • Commission: means the Game and Parks Commission. See Nebraska Statutes 37-1705
  • Construction manager: means the legal entity which proposes to enter into a construction manager-general contractor contract pursuant to the State Park System Construction Alternatives Act. See Nebraska Statutes 37-1706
  • Construction manager-general contractor contract: means a contract which is subject to a qualification-based selection process between the commission and a construction manager to furnish preconstruction services during the design development phase of the project and, if an agreement can be reached which is satisfactory to the commission, construction services for the construction phase of the project. See Nebraska Statutes 37-1707
  • Construction services: means activities associated with building the project. See Nebraska Statutes 37-1708
  • Counterclaim: A claim that a defendant makes against a plaintiff.
  • Defendant: In a civil suit, the person complained against; in a criminal case, the person accused of the crime.
  • Design-build contract: means a contract between the commission and a design-builder which is subject to a best value-based selection process to furnish (1) architectural, engineering, and related design services and (2) labor, materials, supplies, equipment, and construction services. See Nebraska Statutes 37-1709
  • Design-builder: means the legal entity which proposes to enter into a design-build contract. See Nebraska Statutes 37-1710
  • Devise: To gift property by will.
  • District: shall mean a subdivision of the state or of a county, city, village, or other political subdivision in which all registered voters residing within the district are entitled to participate in the election of any one or more candidates or in the determination by election of any question or proposition. See Nebraska Statutes 32-107
  • Docket: A log containing brief entries of court proceedings.
  • Donee: The recipient of a gift.
  • Election: shall mean any statewide or local primary, special, joint, or general election at which registered voters of the state or the political subdivision holding the election by ballot choose public officials or decide any questions and propositions lawfully submitted to them. See Nebraska Statutes 32-108
  • Elective office: shall mean any office which has candidates nominated or elected at the time of a statewide primary election, any office which has candidates nominated at the time of a statewide primary election and elected at the time of a statewide general election, any office which has candidates elected at the time of a statewide general election, any office which has candidates nominated or elected at a city or village election, and any office created by an act of the Legislature which has candidates elected at an election. See Nebraska Statutes 32-109
  • Elector: shall mean a citizen of the United States whose residence is within the state and who is at least eighteen years of age or is seventeen years of age and will attain the age of eighteen years on or before the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of the then current calendar year. See Nebraska Statutes 32-110
  • Electronic funds transfer: The transfer of money between accounts by consumer electronic systems-such as automated teller machines (ATMs) and electronic payment of bills-rather than by check or cash. (Wire transfers, checks, drafts, and paper instruments do not fall into this category.) Source: OCC
  • Electronic voting system: means a voting system in which each part of the process is done electronically. See Nebraska Statutes 32-110.01
  • Entitlement: A Federal program or provision of law that requires payments to any person or unit of government that meets the eligibility criteria established by law. Entitlements constitute a binding obligation on the part of the Federal Government, and eligible recipients have legal recourse if the obligation is not fulfilled. Social Security and veterans' compensation and pensions are examples of entitlement programs.
  • Executor: A male person named in a will to carry out the decedent
  • Garnishment: Generally, garnishment is a court proceeding in which a creditor asks a court to order a third party who owes money to the debtor or otherwise holds assets belonging to the debtor to turn over to the creditor any of the debtor
  • Government document: means an identification document or other document issued by a federal, state, or local government agency that includes the name and address of the voter as they appear on his or her voter registration application, including those documents that acknowledge the person's civil or legal status or entitlement to a government service or program. See Nebraska Statutes 32-110.02
  • Grand jury: agreement providing that a lender will delay exercising its rights (in the case of a mortgage,
  • Impeachment: (1) The process of calling something into question, as in "impeaching the testimony of a witness." (2) The constitutional process whereby the House of Representatives may "impeach" (accuse of misconduct) high officers of the federal government for trial in the Senate.
  • In forma pauperis: In the manner of a pauper. Permission given to a person to sue without payment of court fees on claim of indigence or poverty.
  • Incumbent: shall mean the person whom the canvassers or the courts declare elected to an elective office or who has been appointed to an elective office. See Nebraska Statutes 32-111
  • Indictment: The formal charge issued by a grand jury stating that there is enough evidence that the defendant committed the crime to justify having a trial; it is used primarily for felonies.
  • Juror: A person who is on the jury.
  • Magistrate: shall include judge of the county court and clerk magistrate. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • Magistrate shall: include judge of the county court and clerk magistrate. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • Oath: shall include affirmation in all cases in which an affirmation may be substituted for an oath. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • Oath: shall include affirmation. See Nebraska Statutes 32-112
  • Oath shall: include affirmation in all cases in which an affirmation may be substituted for an oath. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • Oath shall: include affirmation. See Nebraska Statutes 32-112
  • Override of a veto: The process by which each chamber of the legislature votes on a bill vetoed by the President/Governor. In the U.S. Congress, to pass a bill over the President's objections requires a two-thirds vote in each Chamber. Historically, Congress has overridden fewer than ten percent of all presidential vetoes.
  • Peace officer: shall include sheriffs, coroners, jailers, marshals, police officers, state highway patrol officers, members of the National Guard on active service by direction of the Governor during periods of emergency, and all other persons with similar authority to make arrests. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • Peace officer shall: include sheriffs, coroners, jailers, marshals, police officers, state highway patrol officers, members of the National Guard on active service by direction of the Governor during periods of emergency, and all other persons with similar authority to make arrests. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • Personal estate: shall include money, goods, chattels, claims, and evidences of debt. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • Plea agreement: An arrangement between the prosecutor, the defense attorney, and the defendant in which the defendant agrees to plead guilty in exchange for special considerations. Source:
  • Pleadings: Written statements of the parties in a civil case of their positions. In the federal courts, the principal pleadings are the complaint and the answer.
  • Population: shall mean the population of the state or any of its political subdivisions as determined by the most recent federal decennial census. See Nebraska Statutes 32-113
  • Precinct: shall mean a defined area established by law within which all registered voters cast their votes at one polling place. See Nebraska Statutes 32-114
  • Preconstruction services: means all nonconstruction-related services that a construction manager performs in relation to the design of the project before execution of a contract for construction services. See Nebraska Statutes 37-1711
  • Presiding officer: A majority-party Senator who presides over the Senate and is charged with maintaining order and decorum, recognizing Members to speak, and interpreting the Senate's rules, practices and precedents.
  • Probable cause: A reasonable ground for belief that the offender violated a specific law.
  • Probate: Proving a will
  • Project performance criteria: means the performance requirements of the project suitable to allow the design-builder to make a proposal. See Nebraska Statutes 37-1712
  • Proposal: means an offer in response to a request for proposals (1) by a design-builder to enter into a design-build contract or (2) by a construction manager to enter into a construction manager-general contractor contract. See Nebraska Statutes 37-1713
  • Public defender: Represent defendants who can't afford an attorney in criminal matters.
  • Public law: A public bill or joint resolution that has passed both chambers and been enacted into law. Public laws have general applicability nationwide.
  • Qualification-based selection process: means a process of selecting a construction manager based on qualifications. See Nebraska Statutes 37-1714
  • Recourse: An arrangement in which a bank retains, in form or in substance, any credit risk directly or indirectly associated with an asset it has sold (in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles) that exceeds a pro rata share of the bank's claim on the asset. If a bank has no claim on an asset it has sold, then the retention of any credit risk is recourse. Source: FDIC
  • Registered voter: shall mean an elector who has a valid voter registration record on file with the election commissioner or county clerk in the county of his or her residence. See Nebraska Statutes 32-115
  • Request for proposals: means the documentation by which the commission solicits proposals. See Nebraska Statutes 37-1715
  • Request for qualifications: means the documentation or publication by which the commission solicits qualifications. See Nebraska Statutes 37-1716
  • Residence: shall mean (1) that place in Nebraska in which a person is actually domiciled, which is the residence of an individual or family, with which a person has a settled connection for the determination of his or her civil status or other legal purposes because it is actually or legally his or her permanent and principal home, and to which, whenever he or she is absent, he or she has the intention of returning, (2) the place in Nebraska where a person has his or her family domiciled even if he or she does business in another place, and (3) if a person is homeless, the county in Nebraska in which the person is living. See Nebraska Statutes 32-116
  • Revocable trust: A trust agreement that can be canceled, rescinded, revoked, or repealed by the grantor (person who establishes the trust).
  • Sign: shall mean to affix a signature. See Nebraska Statutes 32-117
  • Signature: shall mean the name of a person written with his or her own hand or the mark of a person unable to write his or her name if the person's name is written by some other person and the mark is made near the name by the person unable to write his or her name. See Nebraska Statutes 32-118
  • Special election: shall mean an election other than a regularly scheduled primary or general election as specified in statute or by home rule charter. See Nebraska Statutes 32-118.01
  • Statute of limitations: A law that sets the time within which parties must take action to enforce their rights.
  • Summons: Another word for subpoena used by the criminal justice system.
  • Swear: shall include affirm. See Nebraska Statutes 32-119
  • Swear shall: include affirm. See Nebraska Statutes 32-119
  • Transcript: A written, word-for-word record of what was said, either in a proceeding such as a trial or during some other conversation, as in a transcript of a hearing or oral deposition.
  • United States shall: include territories, outlying possessions, and the District of Columbia. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • Verdict: The decision of a petit jury or a judge.
  • Veto: The procedure established under the Constitution by which the President/Governor refuses to approve a bill or joint resolution and thus prevents its enactment into law. A regular veto occurs when the President/Governor returns the legislation to the house in which it originated. The President/Governor usually returns a vetoed bill with a message indicating his reasons for rejecting the measure. In Congress, the veto can be overridden only by a two-thirds vote in both the Senate and the House.
  • Voting system: means the process of creating, casting, and counting ballots. See Nebraska Statutes 32-119.01
  • Ward: shall mean a compact and contiguous geographic area within a political subdivision created by the political subdivision for election purposes. See Nebraska Statutes 32-120
  • Writ: A formal written command, issued from the court, requiring the performance of a specific act.