§ 4-106 Aliens; labor or educational organization; appointment or election to office; unlawful; penalty
§ 4-107 Nonresident alien; property by succession or testamentary disposition; taking of property in this state; conditions; escheat; disposition of escheated property
§ 4-108 Public benefits;state agency or political subdivision; verification of lawful presence; employee;participation in retirement system; restriction
§ 4-109 Public benefits, defined
§ 4-110 Public benefits;verification of lawful presence; exemptions;legislative findings
§ 4-111 Public benefits; verification of lawful presence; attestation required; professional or commercial license; requirements
§ 4-112 Public benefits; applicant; eligibility; verification; presumption
§ 4-113 Public benefits; state agency; annualreport
§ 4-114 Public employer and public contractor;register with and use federal immigration verification system; Departmentof Labor; duties

Terms Used In Nebraska Statutes > Chapter 4

  • Bingo: shall mean that form of gambling in which:

    (a) The winning numbers are determined by random selection from a pool of seventy-five or ninety numbered designators. See Nebraska Statutes 9-204

  • Bingo card monitoring device: shall mean a technological aid which allows a bingo player to enter bingo numbers as they are announced at a bingo occasion and which marks or otherwise conceals those numbers on bingo cards which are electronically stored in and displayed on the device. See Nebraska Statutes 9-204.04
  • Bingo equipment: shall mean all devices, machines, and parts used in and which are an integral part of the conduct of bingo, including, but not limited to, bingo cards, disposable paper bingo cards, bingo balls, bingo blower devices, and computerized accounting systems. See Nebraska Statutes 9-204.03
  • Bingo occasion: shall mean a single gathering or session at which a bingo game or series of successive bingo games are played. See Nebraska Statutes 9-205
  • Cancel: shall mean to discontinue all rights and privileges to hold a license or permit for up to three years. See Nebraska Statutes 9-207
  • Commercial lessor: shall mean a person, partnership, limited liability company, corporation, or organization which owns or is a lessee of premises which are offered for leasing to a licensed organization on which bingo is or will be conducted. See Nebraska Statutes 9-207.01
  • Decedent: A deceased person.
  • Department: shall mean the Department of Revenue. See Nebraska Statutes 9-208
  • Distributor: shall mean any person who purchases or otherwise obtains bingo equipment from a licensed manufacturer to sell, lease, distribute, or otherwise provide in this state to a licensed organization or licensed commercial lessor for use in a bingo occasion regulated by the Nebraska Bingo Act. See Nebraska Statutes 9-209
  • Excursion or dinner train: shall mean a train which has all of its passengers board and depart from the same location and is operated for trips of short duration for sightseeing, dining, entertainment, or other recreational purposes. See Nebraska Statutes 9-209.02
  • Gaming manager: shall mean any person who is licensed by a Class II bingo licensee to be responsible for the supervision and operation of all gaming activities authorized and regulated under Chapter 9 which are conducted at the bingo occasions of a Class II bingo licensee. See Nebraska Statutes 9-209.01
  • Inhabitant: shall be construed to mean a resident in the particular locality in reference to which that word is used. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801
  • Intestate: Dying without leaving a will.
  • License: shall mean any license to conduct bingo as provided in section 9-233 , any license for a utilization-of-funds member as provided in section 9-232. See Nebraska Statutes 9-212
  • Licensed organization: shall mean a nonprofit organization or volunteer fire company or volunteer first-aid, rescue, ambulance, or emergency squad licensed to conduct bingo under the Nebraska Bingo Act. See Nebraska Statutes 9-213
  • Manufacturer: shall mean any person who assembles, produces, makes, or prints any bingo equipment. See Nebraska Statutes 9-214.01
  • Permit: shall mean a special event bingo permit as provided in section 9-230. See Nebraska Statutes 9-215.01
  • Premises: shall mean a building, a distinct portion of a building, or a railroad coach car of an excursion or dinner train in which bingo is being played and shall not include any area of land surrounding the building or excursion or dinner train. See Nebraska Statutes 9-216