§ 1500 A peace officer of any city or county shall prevent the entry from …

Terms Used In California Codes > Welfare and Institutions Code > Division 2 > Part 2 - MINORS CROSSING THE MEXICAN BORDER

  • Affidavit: A written statement of facts confirmed by the oath of the party making it, before a notary or officer having authority to administer oaths.
  • County: includes "city and county. See California Welfare and Institutions Code 14
  • department: means State Department of Health Services. See California Health and Safety Code 20
  • Guardian: A person legally empowered and charged with the duty of taking care of and managing the property of another person who because of age, intellect, or health, is incapable of managing his (her) own affairs.
  • Proceeding: includes an action. See California Family Code 110