§ 81-2101 Act, how cited
§ 81-2102 Terms, defined
§ 81-2103 State Electrical Division; created; State Electrical Board; members; duties; qualifications; terms
§ 81-2104 State Electrical Board; powers enumerated
§ 81-2105 Electrical Division Fund; created; how funded; board; expenses
§ 81-2106 Plan, lay out, or supervise certain activities; license required; exceptions
§ 81-2107 Electrical contractor license; applicant; qualifications; Class B electrical contractor license and Class B master electrician license; restriction on license
§ 81-2108 Wiring or installing; license required; exceptions; lending license prohibited
§ 81-2109 Journeyman electrician license; residential journeyman electrician license; qualifications; Class B journeyman electrician license; restriction on license
§ 81-2110 Installer; license; rights and privileges
§ 81-2112 Special electrician license; licensee; rights and privileges; qualifications
§ 81-2112.02 Fire alarm installer; license; rights and privileges; experience
§ 81-2113 Apprentice electrician; registration; supervision; renewal; continuing education
§ 81-2114 State Electrical Division; provide training sessions and sites; fee
§ 81-2115 License; written examination; when given; examination required to renew license; when
§ 81-2116 License; issued upon passing examination and showing satisfactory qualifications
§ 81-2117.01 License or registration renewal; continuing education required; instructor and course approval; certificate of attendance
§ 81-2117.02 License; renewal
§ 81-2118 Licenses and registrations; expiration; fees
§ 81-2119 Death of licensee; representative may carry on business; how long; insurance required
§ 81-2120 Licenses; issued without examination; reciprocity with other states
§ 81-2121 Act; not applicable to certain situations; enumerated
§ 81-2124 Electrical installations; subject to inspection
§ 81-2125 State inspection; not applicable in certain political subdivisions; when; electrical inspector; certificate of qualification
§ 81-2126 Request for inspection; when required; fees; failure to file request; procedure
§ 81-2127 Inspection; installation not in compliance with standards; written order to condemn; opportunity to correct noncompliance
§ 81-2128 Condemnation or disconnection order; service
§ 81-2129 Installations; connected; certificate of safe operation; dismissal of condemnation or disconnection order; contents of certificate; transient projects; duty of board
§ 81-2130 Political subdivision inspections; file inspection codes with board; no additional license fee required; powers of political subdivision
§ 81-2132 Inspections; not required; when
§ 81-2133 Supplier of electrical energy; liability limited; exception
§ 81-2134 State inspection; procedures
§ 81-2135 State inspection; fees; when due; when not applicable; schedule of fees
§ 81-2136 Inspection; new electrical installation not in compliance with standards; condemnation; when; opportunity to correct
§ 81-2137 Inspection; new electrical installation not in compliance with standards; disconnection; when; opportunity to correct
§ 81-2138 Noncomplying installation; not dangerous; correction order; contents; failure to correct; effect; liability of energy supplier
§ 81-2139 Correction order; countermanded or extended; written request; action on
§ 81-2140 Condemnation, disconnection, and correction orders; forms; service; manner
§ 81-2141 Appeal from condemnation or disconnection order; time; stay of appeal; conditions
§ 81-2142 Appeal; hearing officer; hearing; decision by board; notice; opportunity to present evidence; hearing date
§ 81-2143 Violations, enumerated; penalties
§ 81-2144 Directional boring contractor; activities authorized

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