Chapter 218A Legislative Department Generally 218A.003 – 218A.975
Chapter 218B Legislative Districts 218B.010 – 218B.805
Chapter 218C Legislators’ Retirement 218C.010 – 218C.700
Chapter 218D Legislative Measures and Procedures 218D.050 – 218D.965
Chapter 218E Legislative Investigations and Hearings; Legislative Commission and Other Committees 218E.005 – 218E.815
Chapter 218F Legislative Counsel Bureau 218F.020 – 218F.810
Chapter 218G Legislative Audits 218G.010 – 218G.595
Chapter 218H Lobbying 218H.010 – 218H.960
Chapter 219 Commissioners on Uniform State Laws 219.010 – 219.040
Chapter 219A Nevada Youth Legislature 219A.010 – 219A.310
Chapter 220 Revision of Statutes 220.040 – 220.170