I. The department of health and human services may enter into formal cooperative agreements with appropriate agencies and organizations to create multidisciplinary child protection teams to assist with the investigation and evaluation of reports of abuse and neglect under this chapter.
II. Multidisciplinary child protection team members may include licensed physical and mental health practitioners, educators, law enforcement officers, representatives from the local child advocacy center, social workers, and such other individuals as may be necessary to assist with the investigation and evaluation of reports of abuse or neglect.

Terms Used In New Hampshire Revised Statutes 169-C:34-a

III. The department may share information from its case records to the extent permitted by law with members of a multidisciplinary child protection team in order to assist the team with its investigation and evaluation of a report of abuse or neglect. Multidisciplinary child protection team members shall be required to execute a confidentiality agreement and shall be bound by the confidentiality provisions of RSA 169-C:25 and RSA 170-G:8-a.
IV. The department, in conjunction with the department of justice and the New Hampshire Network of Children‘s Advocacy Centers, shall develop a written protocol for multidisciplinary child protection team investigations. The purpose of the protocol shall be to ensure the coordination and cooperation of the agencies involved in multidisciplinary child protection team investigations, to increase the efficiency in the handling of these cases, and to minimize the impact on the child of the legal and investigatory process. The protocol developed shall be reviewed and, if necessary, revised not less than once every 3 years. The department shall forward a copy of the approved protocol to the speaker of the house of representatives, the senate president, and the governor by November 1 of the year in which they were approved and revised.