356-B:1 Short Title
356-B:2 Application
356-B:3 Definitions
356-B:4 Separate Titles and Taxation
356-B:5 Municipal Ordinances
356-B:6 Eminent Domain
356-B:6-a Applicability of Chapter
356-B:7 Creation of Condominium
356-B:8 Release of Liens
356-B:9 Description of Condominium Units
356-B:10 Execution of Condominium Instruments
356-B:11 Recordation of Condominium Instruments
356-B:12 Construction of Condominium Instruments
356-B:13 Complementarity of Condominium Instruments
356-B:14 Validity of Condominium Instruments
356-B:15 Compliance With Condominium Instruments
356-B:16 Contents of Declaration
356-B:17 Allocation of Interests in the Common Areas
356-B:18 Reallocation of Interests in the Common Areas
356-B:19 Assignments of Limited Common Areas
356-B:20 Contents of the Site Plans and Floor Plans
356-B:21 Preliminary Recordation of Floor Plans
356-B:22 Easement for Encroachments
356-B:23 Conversion of Convertible Lands
356-B:24 Conversion of Convertible Spaces
356-B:25 Expansion of the Condominium
356-B:26 Contraction of the Condominium
356-B:27 Easement to Facilitate Conversion and Expansion
356-B:28 Easement to Facilitate Sales
356-B:29 Declarant’s Obligation to Complete and Restore
356-B:30 Alterations Within Units
356-B:31 Relocation of Boundaries Between Units
356-B:32 Subdivision of Units
356-B:33 Termination of Condominium or Amendment of Instruments Before Conveyance of Unit
356-B:34 Termination of Condominium or Amendment of Instruments After Conveyance of Unit
356-B:34-a Division of Condominium
356-B:35 Contents of the Bylaws
356-B:36 Control by the Declarant
356-B:37 Meetings
356-B:37-a Notice to Unit Owners
356-B:37-b Meetings by Telephonic, Video, or Other Conferencing Process
356-B:37-c Meetings of the Board of Directors and Committees of the Association
356-B:37-d Executive Session
356-B:38 Quorums
356-B:39 Voting
356-B:39-a Voting Without a Meeting
356-B:40 Members of the Board of Directors and Officers
356-B:40-a Managing Agent and Contractors; Disclosure of Fees; Qualifications
356-B:40-b Removal of Officers and Directors
356-B:40-c Adoption of Budgets and Special Assessments
356-B:41 Upkeep of the Condominium; Warranty Against Structural Defects
356-B:42 Control of the Common Areas
356-B:43 Insurance
356-B:44 Rights to Common Profits
356-B:45 Liabilities for Common Expenses
356-B:46 Lien for Assessments
356-B:46-a Rent Collection Upon Delinquency in Payment of Common Expenses
356-B:47 Restraints on Alienation
356-B:47-a Flag Display
356-B:48 Administration; Enforcement
356-B:49 Exemptions
356-B:50 Limitations on Dispositions of Units
356-B:51 Application for Registration; Fee
356-B:52 Public Offering Statement
356-B:53 Inquiry and Investigation
356-B:54 Notice of Filing and Registration
356-B:55 Annual Report by Declarant
356-B:56 Conversion Condominium; Special Provisions
356-B:57 Escrow of Deposits
356-B:58 Resale by Purchaser
356-B:59 General Powers and Duties of the Attorney General
356-B:60 Investigations and Proceedings
356-B:61 Cease and Desist Orders
356-B:62 Revocation of Registration
356-B:63 Judicial Review
356-B:64 Penalties
356-B:65 Civil Remedy
356-B:66 Jurisdiction
356-B:67 Interstate Rendition
356-B:68 Service of Process
356-B:69 Conflict of Interests
356-B:70 Committee to Study the Laws Relating to Condominium and Homeowners’ Associations