Chapter 398 Pawnbrokers 398:1 – 398:14
Chapter 399-A Regulation of Small Loans, Title Loans, and Payday Loans 399-A:1 – 399-A:24
Chapter 399-B Disclosure of Finance Charges 399-B:1 – 399-B:8
Chapter 399-C Lenders of Money 399-C:1 – 399-C:2
Chapter 399-D Debt Adjustment Services 399-D:1 – 399-D:22
Chapter 399-E Loan Scam Operators 399-E:1
Chapter 399-F Cash Dispensing Machines 399-F:1 – 399-F:5
Chapter 399-G Licensing of Money Transmitters 399-G:1 – 399-G:25