As used in the Domestic Relations Mediation Act:

A. “advisory consultation” means a brief assessment about the parenting situation and a written report summarizing the information for the attorneys and the court, including an assessment by the counselor of the positions, situations and relationships of family members and suggestions regarding specific plans, general issues or requested action;

B. “counselor” means a person who by training or experience is qualified to work with individuals in a mediation situation and to perform assessments;

C. “domestic relations mediation program” means the provision of services to the court and parents, including advisory consultations, priority consultations, evaluations and mediation;

D. “evaluation” means a complete assessment that may include multiple interviews with parents and children, psychological testing, home visits and conferences with other appropriate professionals;

E. “fund” means the domestic relations mediation fund of the judicial district;

F. “mediation” means a process in which parents meet with a counselor in order to assist the parents in focusing on the needs of the child and to assist the parents in reaching a mutually acceptable arrangement regarding the child; and

G. “priority consultation” means that the court has requested specific information and brief assessment regarding the parenting situation and suggestions regarding temporary arrangements.