§ 16-5-1 Execution of compact
§ Article IV The states of New Mexico and Colorado agree to the consideration of the enactment of such laws or constitutional amendments exempting the said railroad or its operations from various laws of both states as both states shall hereafter mutually find necessa
§ 16-5-1.1 Short title
§ 16-5-2 Ratification of compact
§ 16-5-3 Cumbres and Toltec scenic railroad commission created
§ 16-5-4 Appointment of members
§ 16-5-5 Payment of the expenses of commission
§ 16-5-6 Exemptions
§ 16-5-7 Commission powers
§ 16-5-8 Definitions
§ 16-5-9 Authority of commission to incur indebtedness
§ 16-5-10 Railroad loan retirement fund
§ 16-5-11 Authorization to set and collect user fees
§ 16-5-12 Tax exemption of interest charged on loan
§ 16-5-13 Liberal interpretation

Terms Used In New Mexico Statutes > Chapter 16 > Article 5 - Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad

  • Personal property: All property that is not real property.
  • Public law: A public bill or joint resolution that has passed both chambers and been enacted into law. Public laws have general applicability nationwide.
  • User fees: Fees charged to users of goods or services provided by the government. In levying or authorizing these fees, the legislature determines whether the revenue should go into the treasury or should be available to the agency providing the goods or services.