§ 47-7D-1 Requirement for disclosure statement
§ 47-7D-2 Liability for disclosure statement requirements
§ 47-7D-3 Disclosure statement; general provisions
§ 47-7D-4 Condominiums subject to development rights
§ 47-7D-5 Time shares
§ 47-7D-6 Condominiums containing conversion buildings
§ 47-7D-7 Condominium securities
§ 47-7D-8 Purchaser’s right to cancel
§ 47-7D-9 Resales of units
§ 47-7D-10 Escrow of deposits
§ 47-7D-11 Release of liens
§ 47-7D-12 Conversion buildings
§ 47-7D-17 Effect of violations on rights of action; attorney’s fees
§ 47-7D-18 Labeling of promotional material
§ 47-7D-19 Declarant’s obligation to complete and restore
§ 47-7D-20 Substantial completion of units