§ 151-L Definitions
§ 151-M Soil Health Initiative
§ 151-N Climate Resilient Farming Initiative
§ 151-O Soil Health Research

Terms Used In New York Laws > Agriculture and Markets > Article 11-B - Soil Health and Climate Resiliency

  • Soil health: means soils that have the continuing capacity to function as a vital, living ecosystem that sustains plants, animals, and humans. See N.Y. Agriculture and Markets Law 151-L
  • Soil health practices: means agricultural and land management practices that improve the function of soils through actions that follow the principles of: minimizing soil disturbance from soil preparation; maximizing soil vegetation cover; maximizing the diversity of beneficial soil organisms; maximizing presence of living roots; and integrating animals into land management; and in support of such principles, include such practices as conservation tillage or no-till, cover-cropping, precision nitrogen and phosphorous application, planned rotational grazing, integrated crop-livestock systems, agroforestry, perennial crops, integrated pest management, nutrient best management practices, and those practices recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service and that are supported by the state soil and water conservation committee. See N.Y. Agriculture and Markets Law 151-L