1. Each contract entered into with a company shall provide for payment to such company for approved activities to be performed by it.

Terms Used In N.Y. Executive Law 846-D

  • Company activities: shall mean activities of neighborhood preservation crime prevention, geared towards the heightened awareness and practice of community members in techniques stressing the reduction of opportunities for crimes to occur and the increased possibility of police apprehension of criminals. See N.Y. Executive Law 846-B
  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.
  • Division: shall mean the division of criminal justice services. See N.Y. Executive Law 846-B

2. Payment to companies pursuant to this article shall be restricted to sums required for the payment of salaries and wages of employees, and for the purchase of necessary equipment for the execution of approved activities. Nothing contained herein shall be interpreted to authorize expenditures leading to the possession, utilization, carrying, or dissemination of firearms or other deadly weapons, regardless of whether the appropriate license has been issued for same. Qualifying equipment expenditures may include, but shall not be limited to, locks and audio warning devices for use by financially needy, victim-prone residents, patrol vehicles (for the exclusive use of volunteers), radios, signs, gasoline, support services for crime victims, publicity and office supplies. Authorized expenditures may not include salaries of, or fees for, the hiring of private guards or charges for or expenses incurred for the use of vehicles for private guards.

3. Payments shall be made by the division to a company, not less frequently than quarter-annually to compensate such company for the company activities which it shall undertake to perform.

4. No company receiving payments from any other funds of the state for activities performed by it under the contract shall receive or be eligible to receive payments pursuant to this article. To the extent other state funds are received in violation of this subdivision payments otherwise due under this article shall be accordingly reduced.