(a)        Requirement. – An individual shall not perform or offer to perform an inspection, risk assessment, or abatement of target housing or a child-occupied facility unless the individual is certified by the Department to perform the activity. Performance of an inspection, risk assessment, or abatement encompasses a range of activities. To ensure proper performance of all aspects of an inspection, risk assessment, or abatement, the certification requirement imposed on an individual applies to each activity. The categories of individual certification are inspector, risk-assessor, designer, supervisor, worker, and any other category required by federal law. The category of risk-assessor includes the category of inspector. Thus, a person who is certified as a risk-assessor is not required to be certified as an inspector. Otherwise, an individual who performs or offers to perform activities within the scope of more than one category must be certified in each category.

(b)        Exemption. – The certification requirement imposed by this section does not apply to an individual who performs an abatement of a residential dwelling the person owns and occupies as a residence, unless the residential dwelling is occupied by a person or persons other than the owner or the owner’s immediate family while an abatement is being performed, or a child residing in the dwelling has been identified as having an elevated blood lead level. (1997-523, s. 1.)