Article 1 Definitions, General Provisions and Remedies 130A-1 – 130A-28
Article 1A Commission for Public Health 130A-29 – 130A-33
Article 1B Commissions and Councils 130A-33.30 – 130A-33.66
Article 2 Local Administration 130A-34 – 130A-85
Article 3 State Laboratory of Public Health 130A-88
Article 4 Vital Statistics 130A-90 – 130A-121
Article 5 Maternal and Child Health and Women’s Health 130A-124 – 130A-131.35
Article 6 Communicable Diseases 130A-134 – 130A-201
Article 7 Chronic Disease 130A-205 – 130A-224
Article 8 Sanitation 130A-227 – 130A-284
Article 9 Solid Waste Management 130A-290 – 130A-310.77
Article 10 North Carolina Drinking Water Act 130A-311 – 130A-329
Article 11 Wastewater Systems 130A-333 – 130A-345
Article 12 Mosquito and Vector Control 130A-352 – 130A-358
Article 13 Nutrition 130A-361
Article 14 Dental Health 130A-366 – 130A-367
Article 15 State Center for Health Statistics 130A-371 – 130A-374
Article 16 Postmortem Investigation and Disposition 130A-377 – 130A-421
Article 17 Childhood Vaccine-Related Injury Compensation Program 130A-422 – 130A-434
Article 18 Health Assessments for Children in the Public Schools 130A-440 – 130A-443
Article 19 Asbestos Hazard Management 130A-444 – 130A-452
Article 19A Lead-Based Paint Hazard Management Program 130A-453.01 – 130A-453.11
Article 19B Certification and Accreditation of Lead Based Paint Renovation Activities 130A-453.22 – 130A-453.31
Article 20 Occupational Health 130A-455 – 130A-460
Article 21 Advance Health Care Directive Registry 130A-465 – 130A-471
Article 22 A Terrorist Incident Using Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical Agents 130A-475 – 130A-485
Article 23 Smoking in Public Places 130A-491 – 130A-498