(a)        Requirement. – No person shall conduct an abatement of target housing or a child-occupied facility unless the person has obtained a permit for the abatement from the Department. The Commission shall establish the procedure for obtaining a permit.

(b)        Permit Fee. – An applicant for an abatement permit must pay an application fee to the Department. The fee is two percent (2%) of the contracted price for the corrective action to be performed in the abatement, not to exceed five hundred dollars ($500.00). The fee imposed under this section is a departmental receipt and shall be used by the Department to administer this Article.

(c)        Exemption. – An individual who owns a single-family dwelling, conducts an abatement on the dwelling, and will reside in the dwelling after the abatement is completed is not required to obtain a permit to conduct the abatement, unless the dwelling is occupied by a person or persons other than the owner or the owner’s immediate family while the abatement is being performed, or a child residing in the building has been identified as having an elevated blood lead level. If a permit is required, an individual who performs an abatement of a residential dwelling that the individual owns and occupies as a residence is not required to pay a fee for the permit. (1997-523, s. 1.)