106-185 Scope of Article; federal-State cooperation
106-186 Power to employ agents and assistants
106-187 Board of Agriculture to investigate marketing of farm products
106-188 Promulgation of standards for receptacles, etc
106-189 Sale and receptacles of standardized products must conform to requirements
106-189.2 Sale of immature apples
106-190 Inspectors or graders authorized; revocation of license
106-190.1 Aggregate State service credit for graders
106-191 Appeal from classification
106-192 Certificate of grade prima facie evidence
106-193 Unwholesome products not classified; health officer notified
106-194 Inspection and sampling of farm products authorized
106-194.1 Farm Product Inspection Account
106-195 Rules and regulations; how prescribed
106-196 Violation of Article or regulations a misdemeanor