§ 130A-124 Department to establish maternal and child health program
§ 130A-125 Screening of newborns for metabolic and other hereditary and congenital disorders
§ 130A-126 Rule-making authority for birth – three-year-old early intervention program
§ 130A-127 Department to establish program
§ 130A-128.1 Department to provide free educational information about umbilical cord stem cells and umbilical cord blood banking
§ 130A-129 Department to establish program
§ 130A-130 Duties of local health departments
§ 130A-131 Council on Sickle Cell Syndrome; appointment; expenses; terms
§ 130A-131.1 Council membership
§ 130A-131.2 Council role
§ 130A-131.5 Commission to adopt rules
§ 130A-131.7 Definitions
§ 130A-131.8 Laboratory reports
§ 130A-131.9 Examination and testing
§ 130A-131.9A Investigation to identify lead poisoning hazards
§ 130A-131.9B Notification
§ 130A-131.9C Abatement and remediation
§ 130A-131.9D Effect of compliance with maintenance standard
§ 130A-131.9E Certificate of evidence of compliance
§ 130A-131.9F Discrimination in financing
§ 130A-131.9G Resident responsibilities
§ 130A-131.9H Application fees for certificates of compliance
§ 130A-131.10 Manner of disposition of remains of pregnancies
§ 130A-131.15A Department to establish program
§ 130A-131.16 Birth defects monitoring program established; definitions
§ 130A-131.17 Confidentiality of information; research
§ 130A-131.25 Office of Women’s Health established
§ 130A-131.30 Healthy Out-of-School Program established
§ 130A-131.31 Definitions
§ 130A-131.32 Program development
§ 130A-131.33 Certificate; program information
§ 130A-131.34 Certificate renewal
§ 130A-131.35 List of programs

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