34-1 Title
34-2 Definitions
34-2.1 Guardian’s powers as to property; validation of prior acts
34-3 Appointment of guardian for wards entitled to benefits from United States Veterans’ Bureau
34-4 Guardian may not be named for more than five wards; exceptions; banks and trust companies, public guardians, or where wards are members of same family
34-5 Petition for appointment of guardian
34-6 Certificate of Director prima facie evidence of necessity for appointment of guardian of minor
34-7 Certificate as evidence in regard to guardianship of mentally incompetent wards
34-8 Notice of filing of petition
34-9 Qualifications of guardian; surety bond
34-10 Guardian’s accounts to be filed; hearing on accounts
34-11 Failure to file account cause for removal
34-12 Compensation at five percent; additional compensation; premiums on bonds
34-13 Investment of funds
34-14 Application of ward’s estate
34-14.1 Payment of veterans’ benefits to relatives
34-15 Certified copy of record required by Bureau to be furnished without charge
34-17 Discharge of guardian
34-18 Construction of Chapter