Article 1 General Provisions 57D-1-01 – 57D-1-33
Article 2 Purposes, Powers, Formation, Annual Report, Name, Registered Office, and Agent 57D-2-01 – 57D-2-40
Article 3 Membership and Management 57D-3-01 – 57D-3-31
Article 4 Contributions and Distributions 57D-4-01 – 57D-4-07
Article 5 Transfer of Ownership Interests; Withdrawal 57D-5-01 – 57D-5-05
Article 6 Dissolution 57D-6-01 – 57D-6-13
Article 7 Foreign LLCs 57D-7-01 – 57D-7-33
Article 8 Derivative Actions 57D-8-01 – 57D-8-07
Article 9 Conversion and Merger 57D-9-01 – 57D-9-43
Article 10 Miscellaneous 57D-10-01 – 57D-10-02
Article 11 Transition Provisions 57D-11-01 – 57D-11-03

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