58-36-1 North Carolina Rate Bureau created
58-36-2 Private passenger motor vehicles; number of nonfleet policies
58-36-3 Limitation of scope; motorcycle and moped endorsements allowed; Department of Insurance report
58-36-4 Statistical organizations; licensing; recording and reporting; examination; suspension of license; financial disclosure
58-36-5 Membership as a prerequisite for writing insurance; governing committee; rules and regulations; expenses
58-36-10 Method of rate making; factors considered
58-36-15 Filing loss costs, rates, plans with Commissioner; public inspection of filings
58-36-16 Bureau to share information with Department of Labor and North Carolina Industrial Commission
58-36-17 Bureau to share information with the North Carolina Industrial Commission
58-36-20 Disapproval; hearing, order; adjustment of premium, review of filing
58-36-25 Appeal of Commissioner’s order
58-36-30 Deviations
58-36-35 Appeal to Commissioner from decision of Bureau
58-36-40 Existing rates, rating systems, territories, classifications and policy forms
58-36-41 Development of policy endorsement for exclusive use of original equipment manufactured crash parts
58-36-42 Development of policy form or endorsement for residential property insurance that does not include coverage for perils of windstorm or hail
58-36-43 Optional program enhancements authorized not altering coverage under Rate Bureau jurisdiction
58-36-44 Development of policy form or endorsement for personal liability insurance for foster parents
58-36-45 Notice of coverage or rate change
58-36-50 Limitation
58-36-55 Policy forms
58-36-60 Payment of dividends not prohibited or regulated; plan for payment into rating system
58-36-65 Classifications and Safe Driver Incentive Plan for nonfleet private passenger motor vehicle insurance
58-36-70 Rate filings and hearings for motor vehicle insurance
58-36-75 At-fault accidents and certain moving traffic violations under the Safe Driver Incentive Plan
58-36-80 Coverage for damage to rental vehicles authorized
58-36-85 Termination of a nonfleet private passenger motor vehicle insurance policy
58-36-87 Affiliate transfer of policies
58-36-90 Prohibitions on using credit scoring to rate noncommercial private passenger motor vehicle and residential property insurance; exceptions
58-36-95 Use of nonoriginal crash repair parts
58-36-100 Prospective loss costs filings and final rate filings for workers’ compensation and employers’ liability insurance
58-36-105 Certain workers’ compensation insurance policy cancellations prohibited
58-36-110 Notice of nonrenewal, premium rate increase, or change in workers’ compensation insurance coverage required
58-36-115 Prohibitions on using inquiries to terminate a policy, refuse to issue or renew a policy, or to subject a policy to consent to rate
58-36-120 Public notice of certain filings