85B-1 Definitions
85B-2 Activities governed by Chapter
85B-3 Auctioneers Commission
85B-3.1 Auctioneers Commission; powers and duties
85B-3.2 Criminal history record checks of applicants for licensure
85B-4 Licenses required
85B-4.1 Auctioneer Recovery Fund
85B-4.2 Grounds for payment; notice and application to Commission
85B-4.3 Hearing; required showing
85B-4.4 Response and defense by Commission and judgment debtor; proof of conversion or other fraudulent act
85B-4.5 Determination of certain small claims without a prior judicial determination
85B-4.6 Order directing payment out of Fund; compromise of claims
85B-4.7 Limitations; pro rata distribution; attorneys’ fees
85B-4.8 Repayment to Fund; automatic suspension of license
85B-4.9 Subrogation of rights
85B-4.10 Waiver of rights
85B-4.11 Persons ineligible to recover from Fund
85B-4.12 Disciplinary action against licensee
85B-5 Licensing of nonresidents
85B-6 Fees; local governments not to charge fees or require licenses
85B-7 Conduct of auction; records
85B-7.1 Handling clients’ funds
85B-8 Prohibited acts; assessment of civil penalty; denial, suspension, or revocation of license
85B-9 Penalties and enforcement