All evaluations for the purpose of assessing the health hazards associated with the presence of friable asbestos materials in order to determine the need for an asbestos hazard abatement project shall be conducted by an asbestos hazard evaluation specialist certified pursuant to the requirements of Chapter 3710. of the Revised Code.

Terms Used In Ohio Code 3710.03

  • Asbestos: means the asbestiform varieties of serpentine (chrysotile), riebeckite (crocidolite), cummingtonite-grunerite, anthophylite, and actinolite-tremolite as determined using the method specified in 40 C. See Ohio Code 3710.01
  • Asbestos hazard abatement project: includes any such activity involving such friable asbestos-containing materials in an amount of fifty linear feet or fifty square feet or less if, when combined with any other reasonably related activity in terms of time or location of the activity, the total amount is in an amount greater than fifty linear feet or fifty square feet. See Ohio Code 3710.01
  • Asbestos hazard evaluation specialist: means a person responsible for the inspection, identification, detection, and assessment of asbestos-containing materials or suspect asbestos-containing materials, the determination of appropriate response actions, or the preparation of asbestos management plans for the purpose of protecting the public health from the hazards associated with exposure to asbestos, including the performance of air and bulk sampling. See Ohio Code 3710.01

Effective Date: 03-17-1987.