Chapter 21-1 Frozen Food Products
Chapter 21-2 Milk Sanitation Code
Chapter 21-2.1 Farm Milk Holding Tanks
Chapter 21-4.1 Milk Commission
Chapter 21-5 Analysis of Milkfat Content in Milk or Milk Products
Chapter 21-9 Frozen Desserts
Chapter 21-11 Meats
Chapter 21-13 Poultry
Chapter 21-14 Shellfish Packing Houses
Chapter 21-15 Pickled Fish
Chapter 21-16 Kosher Foods
Chapter 21-17 Eggs
Chapter 21-18 Apples
Chapter 21-19 Potatoes
Chapter 21-20 Fruits and Vegetables Generally
Chapter 21-21 Olive Oil
Chapter 21-22 Vinegar
Chapter 21-23 Nonalcoholic Bottled Beverages, Drinks and Juices
Chapter 21-24 Flour and Bread
Chapter 21-25 Corn and Corn Meal
Chapter 21-26 Soda and Cream of Tartar
Chapter 21-27 Sanitation in Food Establishments
Chapter 21-27.1 Plastic Recycling and Litter Act
Chapter 21-28 Uniform Controlled Substances Act
Chapter 21-28.1 Narcotic Guidance Council
Chapter 21-28.2 Drug Abuse Control
Chapter 21-28.3 Drug Abuse Reporting System
Chapter 21-28.4 Controlled Substances Therapeutic Research Act
Chapter 21-28.5 Sale of Drug Paraphernalia
Chapter 21-28.6 The Edward O. Hawkins and Thomas C. Slater Medical Marijuana Act
Chapter 21-28.7 Possession and Trafficking in Dextromethorphan
Chapter 21-28.8 The Good Samaritan Overdose Prevention Act
Chapter 21-28.9 The Good Samaritan Overdose Prevention Act of 2016
Chapter 21-29.1 Re-Use of Syringes
Chapter 21-30 Drugs and Poisons Generally
Chapter 21-31 Rhode Island Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics Act
Chapter 21-31.1 Veterinary Drugs
Chapter 21-32 Advertising of Rhode Island Products
Chapter 21-33 Packaged Bakery Products
Chapter 21-34 Food Donations
Chapter 21-35 Home Food Service Sales
Chapter 21-36 The Inter-Agency Food & Nutrition Policy Advisory Council
Chapter 21-37 Regulation of Powdered Caffeine