Chapter 24-1 Laying Out and Taking by Cities and Towns
Chapter 24-2 Highways by Grant or Use
Chapter 24-3 Improvement and Grading by Towns
Chapter 24-4 Federal Aid to Towns
Chapter 24-5 Maintenance of Town Highways
Chapter 24-6 Abandonment By Towns
Chapter 24-7 Sidewalks
Chapter 24-8 Construction and Maintenance of State Roads
Chapter 24-8.1 Relocation of Utility Services
Chapter 24-9 Storm Emergency Account
Chapter 24-10 Freeways
Chapter 24-10.1 Outdoor Advertising
Chapter 24-12 Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority
Chapter 24-14 Junkyard Control Act
Chapter 24-15 Scenic Highways
Chapter 24-16 Safe Access to Public Roads
Chapter 24-17 East Bay Bridge System Act of 2012
Chapter 24-18 Municipal Road and Bridge Revolving Fund