Chapter 40.1-1 Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals
Chapter 40.1-1.1 Cooperation With Federal Government
Chapter 40.1-2 Administration of State Institutions
Chapter 40.1-3 Curative Services
Chapter 40.1-5 Mental Health Law
Chapter 40.1-5.3 Incompetency to Stand Trial and Persons Adjudged Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity
Chapter 40.1-5.4 Division of Mental Health
Chapter 40.1-8 Governor’s Committee on Mental Retardation
Chapter 40.1-8.5 Community Mental Health Services
Chapter 40.1-9 Interstate Compact on Mental Health
Chapter 40.1-21 Division of Developmental Disabilities
Chapter 40.1-22 Developmental Disabilities
Chapter 40.1-23 Parental Succession — Persons with Developmental Disabilities
Chapter 40.1-24 Persons With Mental Illness, Addiction/Substance Abuse Disorders and Developmental Disabilities
Chapter 40.1-24.5 Community Residences
Chapter 40.1-24.6 Self-Insurance of Developmental-Disability Agencies
Chapter 40.1-25 Protection and Advocacy System — Right of Access
Chapter 40.1-25.1 Employee Criminal Records Check
Chapter 40.1-26 Rights for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
Chapter 40.1-27 Penalties for Abuse of Persons with Developmental Disabilities
Chapter 40.1-29 Governor’s Council on Behavioral Health