When artificial coloring is used in dietary frozen dessert directly or as a component of any other ingredient, the label shall bear the statement "artificially colored," "artificial color added" or "__________, and artificial color added," the blank being filled in with the common or usual name of the artificial color, or in lieu thereof, in case the artificial color is a component of another ingredient, "__________, artificially colored." If both artificial color and artificial flavoring are used, the label statements may be combined.

One or more vitamins or minerals, approved by the Commissioner of Agriculture, which are required in human nutrition may be added to the product. If any of such vitamins or minerals which are added are those for which recommended daily dietary allowances have been established by the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences, then each four fluid ounce serving of finished dessert shall provide no less than eight percent nor more than twenty percent of the recommended daily dietary allowances for adults for such vitamins or minerals. If vitamins or minerals are added to the product, the name of the food shall be immediately preceded or followed with the word "fortified" in type of the same style and at least one half the size of the type used for the name "dietary frozen dessert" and on the same contrasting background.

If nonnutritive and nutritive sweeteners are used, the statement "contains nutritive and nonnutritive sweeteners" shall immediately follow the name of the product.

The label on each package of dietary frozen dessert shall include a complete list of ingredients in descending order of predominance.

Dietary frozen dessert may only be sold in a properly labeled factory-filled container except that it may be sold directly from a dispensing freezer. When dietary frozen dessert is sold directly from a dispensing freezer, it shall be sold in a container labeled as required above and a sign on a white card with letters not less than four inches in height and two inches in width containing the words "Dietary Frozen Dessert Sold Here" shall be posted in a conspicuous place contiguous to the dispensing freezer.

Low fat frozen dessert, low fat frozen dairy dessert, mellorine, frozen yogurt, and low fat frozen yogurt, when served from a bulk container or from a soft-serve type dispenser for individual servings, must be placed in labeled containers. In lieu of the labeled container, a conspicuous sign approved by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, easily visible to the public, must be displayed stating the frozen dessert that is to be served.

Printed menus, menu boards, and advertising signs, when stating a frozen dessert, must correctly state the specific frozen dessert that is offered for sale so as not to mislead the consumer.