Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 3 Trusts, Monopolies and Restraints of Trade
Chapter 5 Unfair Trade Practices
Chapter 6 Fair Practices of Farm, Construction, Industrial, and Outdoor Power Equipment Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, and Dealers
Chapter 7 Fair Trade Act
Chapter 8 Trade Secrets
Chapter 9 Weights and Measures
Chapter 11 Public Weighmasters
Chapter 14 South Carolina Landowner and Advertising Protection and Property Valuation Act
Chapter 15 Labels and Trademarks
Chapter 16 Sale of Fine Prints; Disclosure Requirements
Chapter 17 Containers and Grades
Chapter 19 Warehouses and Warehousemen Generally
Chapter 20 Self-Service Storage Facilities
Chapter 22 State Warehouse System
Chapter 23 Adulterated, Misbranded or New Drugs and Devices
Chapter 24 Drug Product Selection Act
Chapter 25 Adulterated or Misbranded Food and Cosmetics
Chapter 26 Produce Safety Act
Chapter 27 Flour and Bread
Chapter 29 Corn Meal and Grits
Chapter 31 Rice
Chapter 33 Milk and Milk Products Marketing
Chapter 35 Butter and Cheese Imitations
Chapter 37 Ice Cream, Ice Milk and Other Frozen Desserts
Chapter 39 Eggs and Baby Chicks
Chapter 41 Gasoline, Lubricating Oils and Other Petroleum Products
Chapter 49 Electric Storage Batteries
Chapter 51 Anti-Freeze
Chapter 53 Products Made by Blind Persons
Chapter 54 Assistive Technology Warranty Act
Chapter 57 Business Opportunity Sales Act
Chapter 59 Franchise Agreements Relating to Retail and Repurchase of Farm Implements, Etc.
Chapter 61 Motor Club Services Act
Chapter 63 Textile Fiber Products
Chapter 65 Payment of Post-Termination Claims to Sales Representatives
Chapter 69 Mold Lien and Retention
Chapter 73 State Commodity Code
Chapter 75 Regrooved and Regroovable Tires