Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 3 Limitation of Civil Actions
Chapter 5 Parties
Chapter 7 Venue
Chapter 9 Summonses, Orders of Publication and Service of Papers Generally
Chapter 11 Notice of Lis Pendens
Chapter 17 Arrest and Bail in Civil Actions
Chapter 19 Attachment
Chapter 27 Trial and Certain Incidents Thereof
Chapter 28 Videotaped Depositions
Chapter 29 Legal Notices, Generally
Chapter 31 Referees and Masters
Chapter 32 Noneconomic Damage Awards
Chapter 33 Verdicts
Chapter 35 Judgments and Decrees Generally
Chapter 36 South Carolina Frivolous Civil Proceedings Sanctions Act
Chapter 37 Costs
Chapter 38 South Carolina Contribution Among Tortfeasors Act
Chapter 39 Executions and Judicial Sales Generally
Chapter 41 Homestead and Other Exemptions
Chapter 43 Abatement of Nuisances
Chapter 47 Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act
Chapter 48 Uniform Arbitration Act
Chapter 49 Change of Name
Chapter 50 Structured Settlement Protection Act
Chapter 51 Death by Wrongful Act and Lynching
Chapter 53 Declaratory Judgments
Chapter 61 Partition
Chapter 63 Quo Warranto and Scire Facias
Chapter 65 Receivership and Other Provisional Remedies
Chapter 67 Recovery of Real Property
Chapter 69 Recovery of Personal Property
Chapter 72 Jurisdiction of Circuit Court
Chapter 73 Sellers of Defective Products
Chapter 74 Liability Exemption for Donors of Food
Chapter 75 Suits Involving Miscellaneous Acts of Wrongful Conduct
Chapter 77 Suits Involving State, State Agencies and Officials and United States
Chapter 78 South Carolina Tort Claims Act
Chapter 79 Medical Malpractice Actions
Chapter 81 Successor Asbestos-Related Liability Fairness Act
Chapter 82 Limitation On Liability of Land Possessors to Trespassers – Trepasser Responsibility Act