Chapter 1 Title and Definitions
Chapter 2 Penalties
Chapter 3 The Department of Insurance
Chapter 5 Authority and Requirements to Transact Business
Chapter 7 Fees and Taxes
Chapter 9 Capital, Surplus, Reserves, and Other Financial Matters
Chapter 10 Protected Cell Insurance Companies
Chapter 12 South Carolina Investments Laws
Chapter 13 Examinations, Investigations, Records, and Reports
Chapter 14 Special Purpose Reinsurance Vehicle Model Act
Chapter 15 Surety Insurers
Chapter 17 Reciprocal Insurance
Chapter 19 Domestic Mutual Insurers
Chapter 21 Insurance Holding Company Regulatory Act
Chapter 23 Insider Trading in Securities of Domestic Stock Insurers
Chapter 25 Unauthorized Transaction of Insurance Business
Chapter 26 Administrative Supervision of Insurers Act
Chapter 27 Insurers’ Rehabilitation and Liquidation Act
Chapter 29 South Carolina Life and Accident and Health Insurance Guaranty Association
Chapter 31 South Carolina Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association
Chapter 33 Health Maintenance Organizations
Chapter 35 Mutual Benevolent Aid Associations
Chapter 38 Fraternal Benefit Societies
Chapter 39 Insurance Premium Service Companies
Chapter 41 Multiple Employer Self-Insured Health Plan
Chapter 43 Insurance Producers and Agencies
Chapter 44 Managing General Agents Act
Chapter 45 Insurance Brokers and Surplus Lines Insurance
Chapter 46 Reinsurance Intermediary Act
Chapter 47 Insurance Adjusters
Chapter 48 Public Insurance Adjusters
Chapter 49 Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraisers
Chapter 51 Administrators of Insurance Benefit Plans
Chapter 53 Bail Bondsmen and Runners
Chapter 55 Conduct of Insurance Business
Chapter 57 Trade Practices
Chapter 59 Claims Practices
Chapter 61 Insurance Contracts Generally
Chapter 63 Individual Life Insurance
Chapter 65 Group Life Insurance
Chapter 67 Variable Contracts
Chapter 69 Individual Annuities
Chapter 70 Utilization Reviews and Private Review Agents
Chapter 71 Accident and Health Insurance
Chapter 72 Long Term Care Insurance Act
Chapter 73 Property, Casualty, Inland Marine, and Surety Rates and Rate-Making Organizations
Chapter 74 Health Insurance Pool
Chapter 75 Property, Casualty, and Title Insurance Generally
Chapter 77 Automobile Insurance
Chapter 78 Service Contracts
Chapter 79 Medical Malpractice Insurance
Chapter 81 Legal Malpractice Insurance
Chapter 83 Joint Underwriting Association for Writing of Professional Liability Insurance
Chapter 85 Consolidations and Mortgage Insurance
Chapter 87 Regulation and Taxation of Risk Retention Groups and Purchasing Groups
Chapter 89 Day Care Joint Underwriting Association
Chapter 90 Captive Insurance Companies
Chapter 93 Privacy of Genetic Information
Chapter 95 Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact
Chapter 97 Portable Electronics Insurance
Chapter 99 Insurance Data Security Act
Chapter 101 Private Flood Insurance Act