§ 44-1-20 Department of Health and Environmental Control created under supervision of Board of Health and Environmental Control
§ 44-1-30 Meetings of Board; compensation of members
§ 44-1-40 Selection, term,and salary of director
§ 44-1-50 Administrative reviews; power to organize department
§ 44-1-60 Appeals from department decisions giving rise to contested case; procedures
§ 44-1-70 Rules and regulations of board mst be approved by General Assembly
§ 44-1-80 Duties and powers of board as to communicable or epidemic diseases
§ 44-1-90 Board shall advise municipal and county authorities
§ 44-1-100 Assistance from peace and health officers
§ 44-1-110 Duties of department in regard to public health, in general
§ 44-1-130 Department may establish health districts and district advisory boards of health
§ 44-1-140 Department may promulgate and enforce rules and regulations for public health
§ 44-1-143 Requirements for home-based food production operations
§ 44-1-145 Minimum cooking temperature for ground beef; exceptions
§ 44-1-148 Resale for human consumption prohibited for fresh meat or fresh meat products if returned by a consumer
§ 44-1-150 Penalty for violating rules of department
§ 44-1-151 Penalties for violations involving shellfish
§ 44-1-152 Disposition of revenues from fines and forfeitures for violation of shellfish laws
§ 44-1-155 Release on bail of person apprehended by shellfish patrolman upon charge of violating health and sanitary aspects of shellfish, crab, and shrimp laws or regulations
§ 44-1-160 Prosecution of nuisance not affected by rule-making power of department
§ 44-1-165 Expedited Review Program established; promulgation of regulations; pilot programs; Expedited Review Fund
§ 44-1-170 Department shall supervise local boards of health
§ 44-1-180 Department may establish charges for health care
§ 44-1-190 Department may investigate ability to pay and determine amount of charges; contracts for care and treatment
§ 44-1-200 Department may provide home health services
§ 44-1-210 Disposition of moneys collected
§ 44-1-215 Retaining certain funds
§ 44-1-220 Skilled and intermediate care nursing facilities licensed by department shall furnish itemized statements of charges for services
§ 44-1-230 Consideration to be given to benefits available to individuals to meet costs of medical or health services
§ 44-1-260 Early periodic screening, diagnosis, and treatment screening; referral for assistive technology evaluation; definitions
§ 44-1-280 Coordination with First Steps to School Readiness initiative
§ 44-1-290 Supplier of effluent for irrigation as public utility
§ 44-1-300 Exemption from enforcement of regulation that would prohibit churches and charitable organizations from serving food to public
§ 44-1-310 Maternal Morbidity and Mortality Review Committee
§ 44-1-315 Environmental permits and permittees; boundary clarification

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  • Commodity Contract: means an account, an agreement, or a contract for the purchase or sale, primarily for speculation or investment purposes and not for use or consumption by the offeree or purchaser of one or more commodities, whether for immediate or subsequent delivery or whether delivery is intended by the parties, and whether characterized as a cash contract, deferred shipment or deferred delivery contract, forward contract, futures contract, installment or margin contract, leverage contract, or otherwise. See South Carolina Code 39-73-10
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  • petroleum product: as used in this article means gasoline, gasohol, kerosene, diesel fuels, jet fuels, fuel oil no. See South Carolina Code 39-41-10
  • sell: includes every sale, contract of sale, contract to sell, or disposition for value. See South Carolina Code 39-73-10