Chapter 1 Incorporation
Chapter 3 Change of Corporate Limits
Chapter 5 Selection of Forms of Municipal Government
Chapter 7 General Structure, Organization, Powers, Duties, Functions and Responsibilities of All Municipalities
Chapter 9 Mayor-Council Form of Government
Chapter 11 Council Form of Government
Chapter 13 Council-Manager Form of Government
Chapter 15 Nominations and Elections for Municipal Offices
Chapter 17 Initiative and Referendum
Chapter 19 Civil Service Commissions
Chapter 21 Financial Matters Generally
Chapter 25 Building Codes and Fire Prevention
Chapter 27 Streets and Sidewalks
Chapter 29 Off-Street Parking Facilities
Chapter 31 Electricity, Water, Natural Gas and Sewerage Systems
Chapter 33 Ice Plants
Chapter 35 Water Front Improvements
Chapter 37 Municipal Improvements Act of 1999
Chapter 39 Cemeteries and Cemetery Commissions