§ 22-42A-1 Drug paraphernalia defined
§ 22-42A-2 Factors considered in determining whether an object is drug paraphernalia
§ 22-42A-3 Use or possession of drug paraphernalia as misdemeanor
§ 22-42A-4 Delivery of drug paraphernalia as felony

Terms Used In South Dakota Codified Laws > Title 22 > Chapter 42A

  • Person: any natural person, unborn child, association, limited liability company, corporation, firm, organization, partnership, or society. See South Dakota Codified Laws 22-1-2
  • Process: any writ, warrant, summons, or order issued in the course of judicial proceedings. See South Dakota Codified Laws 22-1-2
  • written: include typewriting and typewritten, printing and printed, except in the case of signatures, and where the words are used by way of contrast to typewriting and printing. See