The commissioner of finance and administration shall establish an advisory committee composed of seven (7) members, two (2) of whom shall be judges who have presided over a drug court for at least two (2) years and two (2) of whom shall be drug coordinators who have functioned as drug coordinators in actively implemented drug courts for at least two (2) years. The committee shall review all program criteria established by the department of mental health and substance abuse services and shall advise the commissioner on the allocation of funds under this chapter. Before appointing the members, the commissioner shall consult with the president of the Tennessee Association of Drug Court Professionals, the president of the Tennessee Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services and the Tennessee Association of Mental Health Organizations. After the commissioner establishes staggered terms with the initial appointments, a member shall have a four-year term, and a member may be appointed to serve one (1) additional consecutive term. Each member shall be reimbursed from the drug court treatment program resources fund established in § 16-22-110 for travel expenses for attending a meeting of the advisory committee in accordance with the provisions of the comprehensive travel regulations promulgated by the department of finance and administration and approved by the attorney general and reporter.

Terms Used In Tennessee Code 16-22-108

  • Drug court treatment program: means any drug court treatment program created within the state that follows the general principles referenced in §. See Tennessee Code 16-22-103
  • Reporter: Makes a record of court proceedings and prepares a transcript, and also publishes the court's opinions or decisions (in the courts of appeals).