• (a) The scholarship and grant programs established by this part shall be administered by TSAC, which shall be responsible for determination of eligibility of students and for the distribution of funds appropriated by the general assembly for scholarships and grants awarded under the program. In the event net proceeds from lottery revenues are insufficient to fund fully the scholarships and grants created by this part, then TSAC is authorized to review and reduce the amounts to be awarded for such scholarships and grants pro rata.

  • Terms Used In Tennessee Code 49-4-903

    (b) THEC shall provide assistance to the general assembly and to TSAC by researching and analyzing data concerning the scholarship and grant programs created under this part, including, but not limited to, student success and scholarship retention. THEC shall report its findings annually to the education committee of the senate and the education committee of the house of representatives by October 1.

  • (c) Postsecondary educational institutions that enroll students receiving scholarships or grants under this part shall provide all information required by TSAC and THEC that is necessary for administering, reviewing, and evaluating such programs. TSAC and THEC may choose to collect data from higher education institutions or through the University of Tennessee system, board of regents or the Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association. TSAC and THEC shall maintain confidentiality of individual student records in accordance with the Family Educational Right to Privacy Act (20 U.S.C. §? 1232g).

  • (d) THEC shall study and include in its report required under subsection (b) an analysis of the general assembly merit scholarship program and its success in promoting exceptional academic achievement in college. Specifically, THEC shall report the number of students in each class who retain general assembly merit scholarships throughout their college careers and the number of students who do not retain general assembly scholarships and the reasons therefore. THEC shall analyze whether the retention standards for general assembly scholarships should be increased to promote further exceptional academic achievement in college.

  • (e) [Deleted by 2016 amendment].