No title examiner, title insurer, abstracter or closing agent shall have any responsibility or liability related to the contents of any document that is the subject of a notice recorded pursuant to this part so long as the title examiner, title insurer, abstractor or closing agent fulfills its obligations, if any, under existing law and its contract to disclose in its title report, abstract, commitment or policy the existence of the notice.

Terms Used In Tennessee Code 62-13-505

  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.
  • Notice: means a notice specifically referencing an agreement entered into after October 1, 1997, to pay commissions in any brokerage contract or lease or memorandum of the foregoing, sworn to and executed by the broker, identifying the subject real estate by lot and block number or by a metes and bounds description and in the form of notice set out in this subdivision (3) and containing only the information provided for in the form, recorded as provided for in §. See Tennessee Code 62-13-501