• (a) The department is authorized to promulgate emergency rules to implement this chapter.

  • Terms Used In Tennessee Code 62-9-113

    • Commissioner: means the commissioner of commerce and insurance or the commissioner's designee or, in the event of the commissioner's or designee's absence or vacancy in the office of the commissioner, the deputy commissioner. See Tennessee Code 62-9-101
    • Department: means the department of commerce and insurance. See Tennessee Code 62-9-101
    • Scrap metal: means any ferrous or nonferrous metal that is no longer used for its original purpose and is capable of being processed for reuse by a metal recycling facility, including, but not limited to, iron, brass, wire, cable, copper, bronze, aluminum, platinum, lead, solder, steel, stainless steel, catalytic converters or other similar obsolete ferrous or nonferrous metals, but shall not include recyclable aluminum cans. See Tennessee Code 62-9-101

    (b) As part of the rules promulgated pursuant to this section, the commissioner shall develop uniform terminology to describe the types of metal most commonly sold as scrap. The commissioner may appoint a committee to develop the uniform terminology. The committee shall consist of at least five (5) members but no more than seven (7) members with at least one (1) member selected from each of the following groups: the scrap metal industry, the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police, the Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association, the Home Builders Association of Tennessee and a member of the public who is not engaged in law enforcement, the scrap metal industry or the home building industry. The purpose of uniform terminology is to increase the chances of locating and recovering stolen scrap metal by enabling law enforcement officials to describe the stolen metal in their theft report in the same terms as the scrap metal industry uses to describe the same metal when it is brought in for sale.