1. The county legislative body may elect a county physician for a definite term, not to exceed four (4) years, or may delegate to the county mayor the authority to retain, with the concurrence of the sheriff, a county physician. It is the duty of the county physician to provide medical and surgical attention within a reasonable period of time for persons confined in the county jail, for inmates of county homes for the indigent, and for other indigent persons as may be ordered by the county legislative body.
  2. No person shall be qualified to hold the office of the county physician who is not a physician licensed to practice in Tennessee.
  3. Attorney's Note

    Under the Tennessee Code, punishments for crimes depend on the classification. In the case of this section:
    class C misdemeanorup to 30 daysup to $50
    For details, see Tenn. Code § 40-35-111

    Terms Used In Tennessee Code 68-2-1001

  4. Any person who holds the position of county physician or undertakes to discharge the duties of the office, without being so qualified, commits a Class C misdemeanor. Each day any person undertakes to hold the office, or perform the duties of the office, without being so qualified, constitutes a separate offense.
  5. Compensation of county physicians shall be such as the county legislative body may fix.