• As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:
    • (1) “Advisory council” means the traumatic brain injury advisory council established pursuant to this chapter;

    • Terms Used In Tennessee Code 68-55-101

      (2) “Commissioner” means the commissioner of health;

    • (3) “Department” means the department of health;

    • (4) “TBI coordinator” means the person designated by the commissioner pursuant to § 68-55-201; and

    • (5) “Traumatic brain injury” (TBI) means an acquired injury to the brain caused by an external physical force resulting in total or partial disability or impairment. TBI includes open and closed head injuries that may result in seizures, and/or in mild, moderate, or severe impairments in one (1) or more areas including cognition, language, memory, attention, reasoning, abstract thinking, judgment, problem-solving, sensory, perceptual and motor abilities, psychosocial behavior, physical functions, information processing, and speech. Such term does not include brain injuries induced by birth trauma, but may include brain injuries caused by anoxia and other related causes, infectious disease not of a degenerative nature, brain tumor, toxic chemical or drug reactions.