Chapter 1 Metropolitan Government–General Provisions
Chapter 2 Metropolitan Government–Adoption and Provisions of Charter
Chapter 3 Metropolitan Government–Operation and Powers
Chapter 4 Metropolitan Government–Tourist Accommodation Tax
Chapter 5 Metropolitan Government–Port Authority Act
Chapter 6 Metropolitan Government–Celebration Authority Act
Chapter 7 Metropolitan Government–Metropolitan Hearing Officer Act
Chapter 8 Metropolitan Government–Housing Trust Fund
Chapters 9-20 [Reserved]
Chapter 21 Charter Government Unification Act
Chapters 22-30 [Reserved]
Chapter 31 Streets and Other Public Improvements
Chapter 32 Improvements by Special Assessment
Chapter 33 Improvement Bonds
Chapter 34 Municipal Utilities
Chapter 35 Sewers and Waterworks
Chapter 36 Municipal Public Works Projects [Repealed]
Chapter 37 Industrial Building Revenue Bond Act
Chapter 38 Private Fire Companies
Chapter 39 Energy Acquisition Corporations
Chapters 40-50 [Reserved]
Chapter 51 Miscellaneous Governmental and Proprietary Functions
Chapter 52 Municipal Electric Plants
Chapter 53 Industrial Development Corporations
Chapter 54 Energy Production Facilities
Chapter 55 Industrial Building Bond Act of 1955
Chapter 56 Transportation Systems
Chapter 57 Metropolitan Hospital Authorities
Chapter 58 Resource Recovery and Solid Waste Disposal
Chapter 59 Cable Television
Chapter 60 Home Mortgages
Chapter 61 Ambulance Services
Chapter 62 Residential Building and Maintenance Contractors
Chapter 63 Actions in Lieu of Arrest
Chapter 64 Real Property Tax Deferral
Chapter 65 Parking Authorities
Chapter 66 Homestead Act
Chapter 67 Sports Authorities
Chapter 68 Enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws
Chapters 69-80 [Reserved]
Chapter 81 Sanitary Districts
Chapter 82 Utility Districts
Chapter 83 Power Districts
Chapter 84 Central Business Improvement Districts
Chapter 85 Foreign Trade Zones
Chapter 86 Emergency Communications
Chapter 87 Port Authorities
Chapter 88 Convention Center and Tourism Financing
Chapter 89 Convention Center Authorities Act of 2009