(a) A party shall comply with the order by giving written notice to each other party of an intended change in the party’s current residence address, mailing address, home telephone number, name of employer, address of employment, and work telephone number.
(b) The party must give written notice by registered or certified mail of an intended change in the required information to each other party on or before the 60th day before the change is made. If the party does not know or could not have known of the change in sufficient time to provide 60-day notice, the party shall provide the written notice of the change on or before the fifth day after the date that the party knew of the change.

Terms Used In Texas Family Code 105.007

(c) The court may waive the notice required by this section on motion by a party if it finds that the giving of notice of a change of the required information would be likely to expose the child or the party to harassment, abuse, serious harm, or injury.