Terms Used In Texas Family Code 204.002

  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.

A county, acting through its commissioners court or domestic relations office, may contract with a private entity to:
(1) enforce, collect, receive, and disburse:
(A) child support payments;
(B) other amounts due under a court order containing an order to pay child support; and
(C) fees, including fees provided by this chapter;
(2) maintain appropriate records, including records of child support and other amounts and fees that are due, past due, paid, or delinquent;
(3) locate absent parents;
(4) furnish statements to parents accounting for payments that are due, past due, paid, or delinquent;
(5) send billings and other appropriate notices to parents;
(6) perform any duty or function that a local registry is authorized to perform;
(7) perform any duty or function in connection with the state case registry; or
(8) provide another child support or visitation enforcement service authorized by the commissioners court, including mediation of disputes related to child support or visitation.