(a) Pursuant to the provisions of the request for detailed proposals, an authority shall pay an unsuccessful proposer that submits a responsive proposal to the request for detailed proposals a stipend for work product contained in the proposal. The stipend must be specified in the initial request for detailed proposals in an amount of at least two-tenths of one percent of the contract amount, but may not exceed the value of the work product contained in the proposal to the authority. In the event the authority determines that the value of the work product is less than the stipend amount, the authority must provide the proposer with a detailed explanation of the valuation, including the methodology and assumptions used in determining value. After payment of the stipend, the authority may make use of any work product contained in the unsuccessful proposal, including the techniques, methods, processes, and information contained in the proposal. The use by the authority of any design element contained in an unsuccessful proposal is at the sole risk and discretion of the authority and does not confer liability on the recipient of the stipend under this subsection.
(b) An authority may provide in a request for detailed proposals for the payment of a partial stipend in the event a procurement is terminated prior to securing project financing and execution of a design-build contract.

Terms Used In Texas Transportation Code 370.409

  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.