Chapter 1 Alcoholic Beverage Control General Provisions 32B-1-101 – 32B-1-705
Chapter 2 Alcoholic Beverage Control Administration Act 32B-2-101 – 32B-2-703
Chapter 3 Disciplinary Actions and Enforcement Act 32B-3-101 – 32B-3-307
Chapter 4 Criminal Offenses and Procedure Act 32B-4-101 – 32B-4-708
Chapter 5 Retail License Act 32B-5-101 – 32B-5-311
Chapter 6 Specific Retail License Act 32B-6-101 – 32B-6-1005 v2
Chapter 7 Off-Premise Beer Retailer Act 32B-7-101 – 32B-7-409
Chapter 8 Resort License Act 32B-8-101 – 32B-8-502
Chapter 8a Transfer of Alcohol License Act 32B-8a-101 – 32B-8a-502
Chapter 8b Hotel License Act 32B-8b-101 – 32B-8b-401
Chapter 8c Arena License Act 32B-8c-101 – 32B-8c-401
Chapter 8d Sublicense Act 32B-8d-101 – 32B-8d-205
Chapter 9 Event Permit Act 32B-9-101 – 32B-9-406
Chapter 10 Special Use Permit Act 32B-10-101 – 32B-10-704
Chapter 11 Manufacturing and Related Licenses Act 32B-11-101 – 32B-11-609
Chapter 12 Liquor Warehousing License Act 32B-12-101 – 32B-12-302
Chapter 13 Beer Wholesaling License Act 32B-13-101 – 32B-13-302
Chapter 14 Utah Beer Industry Distribution Act 32B-14-101 – 32B-14-402
Chapter 15 Alcoholic Product Liability Act 32B-15-101 – 32B-15-302
Chapter 16 Minor Liability Act 32B-16-101 – 32B-16-302
Chapter 17 Liquor Transport License Act 32B-17-101 – 32B-17-302