Chapter 1 State Symbols and Designations 63G-1-101 – 63G-1-901
Chapter 2 Government Records Access and Management Act 63G-2-101 – 63G-2-901
Chapter 3 Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act 63G-3-101 – 63G-3-702
Chapter 4 Administrative Procedures Act 63G-4-101 – 63G-4-601
Chapter 5 Governmental Dispute Resolution Act 63G-5-101 – 63G-5-301
Chapter 6a Utah Procurement Code 63G-6a-101 – 63G-6a-2407
Chapter 7 Governmental Immunity Act of Utah 63G-7-101 – 63G-7-904
Chapter 8 Immunity for Persons Performing Voluntary Services Act 63G-8-101 – 63G-8-301
Chapter 9 Board of Examiners Act 63G-9-101 – 63G-9-401
Chapter 10 State Settlement Agreements Act 63G-10-101 – 63G-10-503
Chapter 12 Utah Immigration Accountability and Enforcement Act 63G-12-101 – 63G-12-402
Chapter 14 Utah Pilot Sponsored Resident Immigrant Program Act 63G-14-101 – 63G-14-302
Chapter 15 State Issued Identification Number Act 63G-15-101 – 63G-15-201
Chapter 16 State Sovereignty 63G-16-101
Chapter 17 Air Quality Mitigation 63G-17-101 – 63G-17-202
Chapter 19 Biotechnology Provisions 63G-19-101 – 63G-19-103
Chapter 20 Religious Protections in Relation to Marriage, Family, or Sexuality 63G-20-101 – 63G-20-303
Chapter 21 Agreements to Provide State Services 63G-21-101 – 63G-21-201
Chapter 22 State Training and Certification Requirements 63G-22-101 – 63G-22-103
Chapter 23 Property Donated to State by Public Official 63G-23-101 – 63G-23-103
Chapter 24 Board Vacancies and Conflicts Act 63G-24-101 – 63G-24-302
Chapter 25 State Agency Quality Service Act 63G-25-101 – 63G-25-202
Chapter 26 Government Interaction with Nonprofit Entities 63G-26-101 – 63G-26-105
Chapter 27 Anti-boycott Israel Act 63G-27-101 – 63G-27-201