§ 75-2b-101 Title
§ 75-2b-102 Application
§ 75-2b-103 Rebuttable presumptions
§ 75-2b-104 Disposition upon death
§ 75-2b-105 Perfection of title of surviving spouse
§ 75-2b-106 Perfection of title of personal representative, heir or devisee
§ 75-2b-107 Purchaser for value or lender
§ 75-2b-108 Creditor’s rights
§ 75-2b-109 Acts of married persons
§ 75-2b-110 Limitations on testamentary disposition
§ 75-2b-111 Uniformity of application and construction

Terms Used In Utah Code > Title 75 > Chapter 2b - Uniform Disposition of Community Property Rights At Death Act