Terms Used In Vermont Statutes Title 12 Sec. 2904

  • Town: shall include city and wards or precincts therein; "selectboard members" and "board of civil authority" shall extend to and include the mayor and aldermen of cities; "trustees" shall extend to and include bailiffs of incorporated villages; and the laws applicable to the inhabitants and officers of towns shall be applicable to the inhabitants and similar officers of all municipal corporations. See

§ 2904. Recording

A judgment creditor may record a judgment lien at any time within eight years from the date the judgment becomes final in the town clerk’s office of any town where real property of the debtor is located. Recording shall consist of filing a copy of the judgment with date when it became final, certified by the clerk of the court issuing the judgment. The certification shall be recorded by the town clerk in the land records. (Added 1979, No. 67, § 3, eff. date, see note set out below.)